Is Your PC Unwell? Is It Slow, Unresponsive and Getting Hot? One Replica Software from Can Quickly Remedy These Symptoms


When you buy a new computer or laptop that’s already assembled it is generally unoptimized. The only reason it is working as if it is optimized is because it’s brand new with very little use. It is best if you optimize your PC immediately, either manually or using software like offers. If your computer isn’t using the best processors, the maximum RAM it can carry, and the best graphics card of the current generation, using it unoptimized after a long period of time will reveal problems. If you have a brand-new gaming rig that has the latest graphics card, the best processor in the market, and 128GB of RAM, you have nothing to fear even if the software-side is unoptimized.

But say you optimized it after you bought it, how can you tell if your computer needs optimization again? What signs should you look for and what can you do about it?

Computer Speed Slowing Down

This is one of the most common symptoms of an unoptimized PC, but it can also be the result of several other factors, so this might be a bit of a problem when you’re trying to solve this issue. The first solution to try is to optimize your PC. If that fails, then you have to look into the other factors that can cause it to slow down. It can be because the application or software that you’re using isn’t compatible with your PC spec. It can also be because it is simply using more RAM or that there are other applications that are open and contributing to consuming much of the RAM.

To solve this, close all unrelated applications and try using that software again. If it is still slowing down, then it might be because the application is the one using RAM. You can solve this by purchasing more RAM sticks or those with a bigger capacity for your PC. If you can’t buy RAM, then clear it out by closing the application or resetting the computer after prolonged use.

Unresponsive Applications

Another sign of an unoptimized PC is applications and software that stop responding to commands given by the user. This is usually a RAM problem and is regarded as something much worse than just your PC slowing down. It can be fixed by following the steps above.


Computers overheating isn’t related to, or solved by optimizing software. This usually happens when your computer’s insides have accumulated enough dirt and dust thus blocking any ventilation so that heat produced by the computer’s parts is almost impossible to disperse. This could lead to numerous problems, such as sudden shutdowns and hardware damage. To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you clean your PC, or have a professional do it for you. There are a lot of guides on the Internet to help you, should you choose to DIY.

Watching out for these signs will help you prevent a bigger problem in the future. Regularly optimizing your PC and cleaning it regularly may help reduce the chances of these issues re-appearing. If you don’t know what to do, taking it to a professional or local PC repair shop and learning how they do it, helps.

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