Concept Cars That Will Make You Want To Time Travel To The Future


A concept car is something that a lot of car fans will see and then wonder if it will ever hit the production line. Most of the time these cars get made and then just left to die in the manufactures garage. There are a few weird looking cars that I wish did make it to the production line though. Maybe one day they will but I wish it happened sooner than later.

Acura NSX concept

This one is not as bad looking as other concept cars and is actually pretty sexy. The Acura Concept NSX was planned to introduce the SH-AWD (super all wheel drive) system which would give drivers amazing control of the car under any situation. It would have the popular VTEC system installed to make sure that you will go from a to b in super quick time. It would control a built in electric motor which would give the driver great power with great fuel efficiency as well.

The Clever

Clever basically stands for Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport. Yes we know that doesn’t really spell Clever but you get what they were trying to achieve with this. This little car came from the Technical University of Berlin, Institute for motor vehicles. This is a basic two-seater car that basically alley dock in between two cars no matter how small the gap. This car is environment friendly and has low fuel consumption and gives off little to none CO2.

KIA Trackster Concept

With its dual exhaust pipes and 4WD system this KIA might not be the prettiest looking car but it surely is no sleeper. The KIA Trackster packs a nice 250 horsepower and short throw six speed gearbox which can get you around any track in pretty good time. Once you open the door you will be greeted with leather bucket seats that sucks you in once you put your foot down on that petrol. It’s a two seater ride and behind the front seats the only thing you will find is a place to store your racing gear, tools for your car and the spare tire which also holds the billet performance wheels as the rest of the car.

These concept cars rarely hit the production line but all car fans can only hope for the best. We would love to see a lot of these cars riding around our streets, some battling with long living racing cars and some saving the environment by hardly using any petrol at all. Either way the future of cars is going to be an exciting one and we all look forward to it with high anticipation.

Darren Vrede is a lover of autmotives and stays up to date with all the latest car news religiously. One of his latest articles about vehicle tracking highlighted the importance of having safety and security installed on your cars.

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