TV vs. Laptop: which Is The Ultimate Entertainer?


The 2012 CES – or Consumer Electronics Show – was all abuzz with televisions; or rather, it was all about how to get the latest technology through a television. Streaming video, with sites such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime, has revolutionized the way people watch their favorite movies and television shows.

2012 is said to be the continuation of the growing trend for consumers, increasingly allowing users to view content when they want and sometimes where they want.

With technology practically enabling any device to be a portable video or music player, a consumer may wonder what type of device would be better suited to enjoying entertainment – TV or a laptop computer? On the surface, it may seem as though a television would make the better choice. Many of the modern television sets now are bigger, with the ability of high definition (HD) and even allowing for internet connectivity to sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Laptop computers have come a long way from the clunky devices that were a pain to carry around. laptops can now offer users the best in video graphics, sound, speed, and more; with an Internet connection, users can also watch Netflix and Hulu outside of the home.

But What About Cable?

Certainly, having a television is the only way cable subscribers can watch, right? For those still shelling out money to the cable companies, they might be surprised to learn that they can still watch cable on a laptop. USB TV tuners allow for cable television connections to a laptop or desktop computer. In most cases, the standard or basic TV channels are available, but with certain tuners, users can also watch digital cable.

However, for many cable subscribers, the act of ‘cutting the cord’ has actually enabled them to better enjoy the video streams. The economic downturn that began in late 2007 forced many people to ditch the cable and move towards streaming video. Netflix and Hulu both offer solutions that are priced cheaper than cable and in some cases, offer more in the way of classic and current television shows.

Laptops the all-round entertainer?

Entertainment wise, laptops can offer more than just TV and movie watching. With mobile technology also a growing trend, the ability to work and play while on the go works out better than lugging around a 50-inch TV.

In case a person can’t get rid of their TV, but are considering top laptops as well, there shouldn’t be a need to worry however; there are several devices and apps that allow users to go from one device (such as a mobile phone) to another device (like a laptop) to yet another device (like the TV), so that a movie or TV show need not be interrupted just because the location changes.

The ultimate entertainment vehicle is what an individual is looking for. Certainly, if finances are a concern, go with a cheap TV and or just switch to Internet streaming. People with children may need the investment of a television, however many modern TVs are not only Internet connected, but lower in price.

What wdo you prefer, TV or Laptops? We want to hear from you!

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