Top 5 Apps That Use VOIP


VOIP, otherwise known as voice over Internet protocol, allows users to call and contact each other via the Internet. This can include calls and texts and MMS, (multi-media messaging). It is a free service subject to you having access to the Internet, Wi-Fi or 3G.

Up and down the country there are venues that offer free Wi-Fi in public places so access to the Internet is readily available. VOIP apps are becoming more and more predominant in the market as a result to this.

We have had a look into the best apps that use VOIP and we will outline their features and how they can help you.

1. Skype

Skype is a VOIP company that individuals all over the world have endorsed and use. Initially it was only available on your computer or on a laptop whereas advancements in mobile phones have allowed the company to be available on mobile handsets allowing a VOIP function. This allows users to use the Internet to make phone calls for free anywhere in the world. Skype also allows users to send messages, pictures and chat – similar functions to Facebook and Msn messenger.

2. Fring

Fring uses a multiple channel approach in that it you can make phone calls, use twitter and receive email alerts. Fring specifically uses hosted VOIP within its functions and it can encompass all your needs in one place.  Fring is accessible on all mobile devices and its functionality in using VOIP is inundated.

3. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz uses low rate VOIP when making and receiving calls as well as an integrated application for live chat. Nimbuzz is very different to other apps as it encompasses all communication into one place- meaning that people don’t have to switch between apps. This makes usability easy as long as the Internet is available.

4. Truphone

Truphone was designed for Nokia specifically and it was not available to any other mobile phone brand. Now, however the app is applicable to all mobile phones and is very similar in functionality to Skype.

5. Beejive

Beejive is an app that has management tools integrated alongside its basic functions such as calls and chat. It is very different to existing apps that are currently available and is widely recommended.

VOIP mobile apps are a thing of the future and it is driving the industry. Its host of benefits are wide and allows communication from all over the world to become streamline. The apps allow users to use multiple functions in one place and most importantly you don’t need to spend money -It is a cost-effective way to communicate and even record calls legally

By Jema Daya
Jema Daya is a Marketing Executive at Focus DC in Leicestershire. You can reach Jema on Twitter @fdcstudio

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