The Advantages Of Steam Jet Cleaners For Industrial Use


The very nature of industrial environments demands the necessity to be clean, minimal and safe.  With such a huge emphasis on industrial workplaces needing to be spotless, the cleaning procedures of factories and other industrial buildings is of vital importance.

With technology getting more advanced and sophisticated almost daily, alongside an increased demand for working environments that are pristine, long gone are the days when it sufficient for a janitor to walk around with a mop and bucket at the end of the working day casually mopping the floor!

Industrial stream jet cleaners are one technological advancement within the world of industrial cleaning that guarantees a flawlessly clean industrial environment.

Let’s take a look at the multifarious advantages of stream jet cleaners for industrial use.

Being extremely rugged pieces of equipment, unlike a traditional mop and bucket, industrial stream jet cleaners are tough enough to withstand the harsh demands of industrial environments. In fact out of all the cleaning machines available, industrial jet cleaners are one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment on the market.

Whilst the body of the machine is made from heavy stainless steel, making them extremely strong and durable, the steam gun is equally as versatile and can clean even the most difficult to reach of areas.

From smooth and polished stainless steel surfaces to uneven and rough paving stones, industrial power cleaners are also versatile in the sense that they can clean a multitude of surfaces.

Reaching temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius, when it comes to cleaning industrial areas, steam jet cleaners are highly effective. Not only do these high temperatures dissolve stubborn dirt and grease, but these machines also generate a higher pressure than commercial jet cleaners, meaning that grease and grime can be blasted off with greater efficiency.

Greater density of steam
As you would generally expect, steam jet cleaners for industrial use generate exceedingly high volumes of steam. In actual fact, industrial steam jet cleaners produce approximately 200% more steam density than the amount of steam generated by standard or lower quality steam cleaners. Larger volumes of steam ultimately results in cleaner and safer working environments.

Less reliance on harmful detergents
As these powerful machines effectively clean industrialised areas through their sheer power, the reliance on detergents that can be damaging to both employees and the environment is significantly reduced.

Easy to maintain
Generally speaking, industrial steam jet cleaners are fairly easy to clean and maintain. This sophisticated piece of equipment can be stripped down with ease, cleaned and then easily rebuilt.

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