Airport Defense Now Released!


Electric Orange Apps is a new start up Application Company, which is proud to release their first iPhone application. For their first app
they created is a new style of tower defense. This game is different from other tower defense games.
Airport Defense Now Released
The first, because all other tower defense games involve units walking in a pre-set path or a path the user created. Airport Defense
has decided to try to break this paradigm by creating a game where you have to protect an airport runway. The object of this game is to protect the runway for 5 seconds. If you can do this, a plane will land; however, if an enemy hits the plane while landing, then you are going to get a game over.

The second thing that sets this game apart from other tower defense games is that if an enemy crosses the protected area, you do not
automatically lose or receive a penalty.

The third is by the interface of placing towers. Instead of the traditional drag and drop, you just simply tap the screen, which will zoom into that location and then select the tower you want to purchase.

There are 3 different types of towers that you can buy. The blue tower on the left will freeze the enemies for a few seconds, the tower in the middle will shoot bullets, and the tower on the right will shoot a bird that will lock onto the target and explode on impact. Your job is to pick the right balance of towers in the right locations.

Getting Started

When you first start up the game you are presented with the home screen. Here you have two options. 1st option is to play the story mode. If you click Story you will see a picture of an airport with a 1 over it. This is your first world (there will be different airports in
upgrades). Click the button to go to the level select screen. You will notice that some of the levels have locked symbols over them. This means you have to beat the level before it to unlock the level. Click on level 1 and the game will start. The start of each level brings up instructions, and it is important that you read these at least once.

On the main screen, you will start out with a pre-determined amount of money. You should use all of this money to purchase towers, if you purchased a tower and want to sell it or upgrade it to a more powerful tower you can do this by simply clicking on the tower and then clicking on the bottom sell button or the upgrade button.

After you complete one level, you will be presented with a completion screen. You will get a rating based on how many planes landed. Also you will earn some money to purchase upgraded towers. There is an upgrade menu, which is located in the level select/ airport select screen. In this screen, you can purchase stronger towers to destroy the animals that will try to hit your plane.

The other button in the main menu takes you to an arcade mode. This mode is like the other levels but it is more intense and the level
lasts for 10 minutes. This is designed to test your skills and to see how many planes you can land in that time.

This app is available at this link, so please feel free to try it out!

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