Acer commenced its innovative clever idea again. Among the other tabs, Iconia Tab W500 has its new featured and effective optional keyboard that acts as notebook computer. The tab can also be used in proficient environment on placing Windows 7. Even though the initiative nearly meets the requirement of Windows 7, presently it has few faltering blocks. The outfit of Windows 7 doesn’t support the tablet perception. The OS in fact doesn’t allow the finger-based input method and there would be complications on tapping the tiny icons on the screen. Acer Ring is added to the tablet in order to prevail over this weakness accumulating an overlay. It gives the huge impression of being very breezy along with its offer access on the way towards a finger-friendly browsing capability, much more sharing applications and numerous preferences as backup utility, disc space manager – whilst selected, forward you into Windows. You can’t rely on Tab W500 in place of laptop. Tab W500 is featured with its 10.1 inches clear and bright display that can support up to 1280×800 pixels in the company of best viewing angles.

Along with its capacitive aspect, it would be easy for everyone to scroll throughout the web pages, zoom with a single pinch and many more. It’s comfortable with the well-sectioned keyboard which is easy to use despite the fact that the wrist rest is lacking. The job of touchpad as the rule accomplished by the pointing stick present in the Tab and there is the presence of two thin mouse buttons beneath the space bar. Even though a couple of heaves hold the keyboard screen along with keyboard, it is quite a solid idea excluding the weight of screen between the two sections that suffers to tumble over when it’s resting on your lap or besides while urged the screen too hard while on the desk. The main fact is that, it lacks the tilting of the screen and it has the fixed angle which should never have missed this amazing capability. It is to be rather identified netbook in place of notebook. The 1 GHz processor of AMD Fusion C-50 and 2GB RAM doesn’t meet the ability in order to come in the pace of laptop. Being deficient to the optical drive is the one as far the 32 GB SSD. There is one advantage of buying the keyboard together with tablet, since the connector lies by the side of keyboard. While on the go, with the main tablet unit you can take the benefit from Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth technologies. It consists of a couple of cameras with the resolution of 1280×1024 on rear panel and the frontage snaps with 640×480 resolutions. With the limited port availability which features one lone HDMI, microSD, USB moreover a headphone connector lying on the tablet in addition to couple of USB ports on the optional keyboard. But for your expectations, Tab W500 doesn’t fulfill the requirements as the price you pay for it with comparable specifications that shows it has magnified price and under trait. The unsurpassed spot in this tablet is the detached screen and keyboard. Accordingly, all the specifications involved in the ICONIA Tab W500 would merely cost £529 with keyboard and £449 in absence with keyboard.


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