Getting a laptop today is almost as serious as owning any other important accessory like a T.V set or a car. To many people it may even be more important. This is because the laptop has today really become the centre of attraction for many people and this is also for many reasons. First the laptop is today still a great and fast way to access the internet in a more comfortable and user friendly way. And even though the BlackBerry and Smartphone is proving to be a strong competition in this regard, one cannot yet write off the numerous abilities of the laptop. And to many people the BlackBerry and other Smartphone is at present a supplement for a laptop computer and not a substitute. The only problem is that getting a laptop is not as easy as one would have expected. One would have expected that getting a laptop would be very easy since there are now many cheap laptops. But the several laptop companies have made this the opposite. With numerous companies producing these various laptops at cheap prices and with each laptop having unique features, one will still have a lot of problem to face even in selecting a cheap laptop to buy. But one laptop company that has no doubt brought their name up the list of laptop manufacturers is Asus. Known for their several laptop brands of varying design, price and features; Asus has no doubt won the heart of a lot of customers. And with several of their products selling around the $500 price you need not wonder why this is so. But the love for Asus varies among customers because some of its products are said to have a better alternative seen in another laptop manufacturer’s brand. Nevertheless let us see what the Asus ul80j-bbk5 has to offer.

Major Specifications

Processor: 330UM/2.13GHz Intel core i3 (dual core)

Memory: 4GB

Hard Drive: 500GB – 5400rpm

The Good

While this is subject to various opinions depending on the individual buying this Asus laptop, the graphics of this laptop is reasonably okay and it performance is also quite good. For those that love the design of a laptop, they may find the slim design of this Asus laptop very attractive. But this depends on the stylish taste of the individual.

The Cons

The average review rating of this Asus laptop stands at a 1.53/5 stars, which may be too low for many. Also, the battery life may prove to be a problem for individuals that love to take long road trips. And many will also say that there are still better laptops with core i3.

But the conclusion will be that while this laptop may not be the best even at its relatively cheap price of $479.99, it is still okay. It is also not that bad for anyone that is not too concerned about the features of a laptop but just want a laptop that can handle basic laptop chores.

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