AVG Free Edition: The AntiVirus Solution


AVG Free Edition: The AntiVirus Solution

The Antivirus AVG is an Antivirus software that offers completely free protection for Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98. The AntiVirus AVG can be rated as the smallest antivirus available in the market today. This fact has been proven and confirmed through a numerous number of tests. Those with older PC’s may be recommended to use this antivirus software. The same would apply to those who have low budgets on system resources. If you are have an old version PC and very little money to spare, then go for the Antivirus AVG.

Just like any other product or service, the Antivirus AVG has got both its attributes and limitations. When analyzing the strength of the Antivirus AVG one will realize that it has got a small footprint that makes it very suitable for much older PCs. This antivirus software has got a very attractive interface that is user friendly making it absolutely easy to work with.

On the other hand, the Antivirus AVG offers very limited support for both compressed and archive types and it also has an extremely high rate of false positives. This may tend to misguide the user who is dependent on the results he gets from the AntiVirus. This does not mean that the AntiVirus produces entirely misleading results. These false results are just in isolated cases.

On a descriptive perspective, the Antivirus AVG free Edition is very perfect in detecting various types of viruses. Though it has got limited support options, you will find that this is a common defect with paid for scanners as well. The Antivirus AVG has got a very attractive interface which makes it very easy to work with and provides the user with very fast and prompt updates.

One hundred percent of the viruses are detected and eliminated by the Antivirus AVG with ease. Though, you will find that its effectiveness is at 81% when it comes to the zoo viruses. This is according to tests carried out that also reflected a total number of eleven false positives.  Nevertheless, nothing can ever work extremely perfect and thus even with this limitation Antivirus AVG has got quite a number of fans who would justify this tests by saying the results today do not necessarily have to be the same results you get tomorrow.

The paid for version of the Antivirus AVG provides adware/spyware to its users. This is not the case for the free version. Note that the support option can only be found in forums and information centers.

The AVG free edition is used in the safe mode which makes it very effective when removing stubborn viruses and having a total overhaul clean up of the computer system.


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