Can FastLane HD Find Happiness?


Can FastLane HD Find HappinessFastlane HD is a lifestyle kind of game. It is a moderate version of the Sims, though it seems to lack too much excitement as compared to other similar games.

The main concept of the Fastlane HD is finding happiness. One is required to travel around the town trying to look for happiness. In reality this may appear very difficult to do. To clarify what you need to do, one requires to go to work, the grocery store, dress right and then go back home and sleep. Actually this may sound the like the usual norm. Looking at it critically, you will find that the more you perform this errands and tasks the higher your chances are of advancing at your work place, advancing your education and getting happier. It is as simple as that, no complications whatsoever.

Nevertheless, if you miss out on any of these tasks you will notice your general happiness is going down. Take a good example of eating, if you don’t eat you don’t recover or if you don’t sleep then you get sick. You will then go to the doctor and pay medical bills. If you stop working then definitely you just cannot meet the basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. The whole concept can be compared to a vicious cycle.

Fastlane HD comes along with a five minute tutorial that helps the user understand the game better. The tutorial try’s to bring out the real world by walking you through the city to places that look like Microware and Seabucks. This makes one feel like they are actually in the real world.

A small brief on the game would go like this. Start the game and you will find out that you are only allowed to work as a cleaner at McDonald’s knock off. Once you have earned enough money, you can commence classes to advance your education. This will make you more eligible to better paying jobs. Once you start out from a low paying job, you then require to save and organize your finances so that you can advance faster. You yearn for more happiness and therefore to get this you must improve your skills and get a better paying job which in turn makes you get more money. The more money you have the more you are likely to achieve.

With Fastlane HD success is simply being able to work around all this tasks and making sure you get enough sleep and food. To be victorious you have to make your life more successful than others. A total of four humans can play simultaneously. You also have the option of playing against computerized opponents.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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