ToughTech Mini Q Secure Hard Drive by Wiebetech


ToughTech Mini Q Secure Hard Drive by Wiebetech

Small Review:

Sometimes when consumer’s think of a hard drive, they either really think about the security features of it or they don’t. The ones that do will be willing to fork up the cash for this particular model.

Add On’s:

  • A UI with four areas including two Firewires, a 2.0 USB and eSATA
  • AES encryption that can reach 128 bits
  • A great quality of external casing made of metal
  • The tray that contains the drives can be taken out and a new one can be put in

The Upside:

  • The encryption is easily understood
  • The casing is big and burly
  • Open ports and lot of them

      The Downside:

      • Have to fork up a lot of money
      • FW800 is the only bus powered connection
      • Not very aesthetically pleasing

      The Main Squeeze:

      This little drive has to be your one true love when it comes to all of your personal information. You may like some things on the drive or you may not and it all depends on how conservative you are about hard drive usage.

      Making this drive the main focus of your setup is a must-have. If you aren’t the type to have your drives interchanged or just don’t want too much change, you’re going to be out of luck with this drive. This device should be used for full-blown information storage and nothing smaller than that.

      Looking at the drive isn’t going to invoke anything special. It’s kind of homely and boring and doesn’t have any interesting aesthetics. It’s simply a metal box. Although its appearance isn’t much to talk about, what lies inside is what’s important and the outside does its job in protecting the drives internal components. Picking the drive up, you can tell that what the Mini Q lacks in appearance, it gains in the quality of product.

      What’s nice about the Mini Q is that it doesn’t disappoint in the input area. You have a plethora of choices from this commodity. It can be used to take with you to different places because more or less, this drive can pretty much to the job anywhere because of its array of plug-ins. Don’t forget that there is a hefty side of the Q, so it may be something you won’t be interested in hauling around.

      Okay, here is the best part of the drive, its security features. One of the nice things about this particular Q-Drive is its three separate locks that can be passed to three different people on order for your information to be stored without being recognized. This is the benefit or encryption on the drive. It basically has multiple security measures that allow the drive to be unlocked and ten lock back up once it is removed. I could see how this would come in handy for employees, but for my own taxes as well.

      Your drive broke? No problem. Stick a new ne in there. Yes, this will allow you to do some Wiebetech operating and stick a new one in there as well.

      What I Conclude:

      This drive needs to be put to good use. It’s like buying a car with a lot of horsepower, but never punching it. It’s one of those business-type products that you can tell were designed with a certain venture in mind. If you bought this as a personal piece of equipment, you should be well aware that you will more than likely be forking up a large amount of money for something high that you probably won’t need.

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