5 iPad GPS Apps for Road Travelers


The iPad is not only a business or learning tool; it is a tool for any situation. If you find yourself driving more than anything, the iPad is the perfect passenger. With so many apps created for the traveler, your iPad can help navigate your trip, plan your route, and even suggest restaurants in the area. Here are a few apps a frequent driver should never be without.


GPS by Telenav:

This app is full of features and ready for free download. With 3D maps and easy to read streets, you will never get lost. The app offers turn by turn instructions, traffic flow, manual rerouting, local search, and even a cheap gas finder. The free version offers great features, however to get the voice navigation you must purchase the full version for $9.99.


Waze Social GPS and Traffic:

Social networks have taken over everything from college life, to business deals, and now driving. Waze is a social app that connects you with other drivers to share road hazards, traffic cams, speed traps, and delays. If there is an accident slowing traffic, your Waze social group will know about it.


Navfree GPS Live USA:

This is a free app that offers voice navigation, 3D and 2D maps, and accurate rerouting. If you are looking for a free app that can handle any traffic situation, this is the one. With the free voice navigation your hands can stay on the wheel and you will still find your way home.


amAze GPS- Worldwide Navigation:

If you find yourself touring other countries, the normal app won’t cut it. anAze GPS is an app that includes international maps, turn by turn voice navigation and even topographical maps of the most popular cities around the world. Regardless of where you are planning to travel, amAze GPS will get you there.



There may be times when you find yourself in unknown territory. If you suddenly feel the urge for a cheeseburger you won’t know where to go. AroundMe can show the way. This app shows the businesses and attractions that are near your location based on the category you select. Whether you are looking for a restaurant, gas station or grocery store, AroundMe will get you there.


Traveling on the road can be an exciting adventure for anyone. If you are looking for a GPS app that can show you everywhere you want to see, consider the apps that can turn your iPad into your second in command during your voyage.

Author Sandy Landsford is an accountant and blogs for, where you can get a quote for cheap car insurance!

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