Top 5 Mobile Spy Applications for Android


The smartphones with Android have many awesome applications. For Android based smartphones there are many different kinds of mobile spy applications. Spy applications for Android can be used for tracking phone calls, text messages and location. Spy cameras are available for secretly clicking pictures and videos. Some spy applications for Android are free while some come at a price. Free spy applications have limited functions while paid spy applications have full advanced functionality. Let us check the top 5 mobile spy applications for Android.

Spy Cam – SECuRET for Android

This is a high-end Android spy cam which can be purchased for $5. This spy cam automatically captures every moment in its range. It automatically captures and saves the videos and still pictures. Through this spy cam application a user can upload the clicked pictures and the videos on any website. SECuRET spy cam application can be used for security purpose. The clicked pictures and videos through this spy cam are of very high quality.

GPS for Android – Mobile-Spy

This awesome GPS application for Android is available for $300. This application can track any location in real time. Mobile-Spy application is very advanced and powerful because it can track any location even when its GPS feature is turned-off. It is a high-end application which can be used for tracking and tracing any individual.

Spy Cam – Mobile Hidden Camera for Android

This spy cam is a free Android application. This spy cam application has adjustable frequency for clicking images automatically and continuously. With this spy cam a user can click up to five to ten pictures in a second by using its burst mode. This spy cam does not require flash for clicking pictures.

Spy with Mobistealth

This spy application for Android comes in different packages. On Android smartphones a user can track text messages and calls by using this spy application. Mobistealth spy application also has GPS tracking system. The cost of using this spy application for three months is $49.99. If you want to use this spy application for six months than you need to pay $69.99. You can also opt for a twelve month package by paying $99.99.

Heliodor Spy Cam for Android

This spy cam application for Android comes at a price of $3.95. By using its automatic mode a user can automatically click images and videos. The secretly clicked images and videos are hidden and can be viewed only by the owner. A user can mute the sound of the shutter and can also switch-off the flash.

So if you are an Android user than without any doubt use any of the above mentioned spy application on your smartphone.

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