What is Product Design?


Product design sounds like a very simple, easy job, but that’s not the case. A product designer does a lot of different things throughout the whole process of designing and developing a new product into the market. There are a lot of different steps that must be made before you can finish a new product. In this article I will tell you what product design actually means and what steps a product design company has to take.

Product design

When someone sees a problem, they want to solve it. When you see a problem and you need a new product to solve it, you have to design the product at first. Designing of a problem is he best way to find a solution to a problem consumer have. When you make a good problem-solving product, the product will be wanted by customers in the market, because it will improve the quality of the life of the end user.

The steps within the process

It isn’t easy to designing a new product and every product design has it own steps and it’s own setbacks. There are a few steps that are common in every product design process:

First of all, you need to define the product vision. Why do people want to buy the product? What problem does it solve? When you know this, you must do research on the market the product will be sold in. Is it a new product, or have you improved another product? Know everything about the market you want to compete in. When you now the market, you can start concepting. An easy way to come up with different ideas is to brainstorm in a group of people.

When you have finished the concept, you can ask around if people like the idea. You can also start making a prototype. A prototype is a special point within the process. It’s the base of the product and from now on you van start testing and improving the product.

After the long phase of testing and improving the product you must work with developers to build the product. You have to introduce the product into the market with a good marketing plan. You can have launch activities, but you can also promote the product online. People need to know why they need your product, so they will want to buy it as soon as possible. Enter and conquer the market with your own story!

Designing and developing a product can be very exciting, but also very hard. Do you need help designing a product? Alskar is a product design firm who can help you within the different steps, so you can create the product you want.

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