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“We live life out of drawers, so why don’t appliances do that too?”

That thinking inspired the talented product design engineers at innovative household appliance company
Fisher & Paykel to come up with the concept of a dishwasher which slides out towards you. The team went further than that though – drawers open separately, something which is perfect for a dishwasher so that delicate items can be washed separately from and yet simultaneously to pots, pans and plates which need a more heavy duty wash. This concept also allows for true half loads to be washed, a brilliant energy efficient measure. As these ideas came together, the Fisher & Paykel drawer dishwasher, or the DishDrawer as it was officially named, was born.

The Story

As with all great inventions, the DishDrawer evolved from studying the problems with current dishwashers and finding solutions to those problems. The team was tasked with creating a dishwasher which was easier to access and open, more space efficient, offered the option to wash smaller loads, and used less water and detergent. In 1995 the prototype was successfully tested and in 1997 the world’s first drawer dishwasher launched to the public to great acclaim, receiving numerous awards. Since then, the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer has gone on to win further awards and is constantly updating and reinventing itself.

The Concept

The concept of the DishDrawer means that it can be slotted in wherever best suits you, and is fully integrated into your kitchen so that it blends in seamlessly. The sleek design works with most kitchen designs but can be hidden behind cabinetry to truly look like just another kitchen drawer. It is space-saving, ergonomically designed so that it is easier to open, and far easier to load and unload – simply pull it out towards you as you would do a drawer. That means no more bending or squatting and no more back pain. Its clever flow-through detergent dispenser – another world-first – pumps water through the detergent to thoroughly dissolve it before it enters the main body of the DishDrawer so that items are never left with detergent residue.

A Smart Dishwasher

There are a total of nine wash programmes for different load types but the DishDrawer also boasts intelligent load sensing so that, if necessary, the machine will either reduce or increase the water level and alter the temperature and motor speed for optimum performance and ultimate energy efficiency. Double DishDrawers provide further energy efficiency by allowing you to operate just one drawer, providing a true half load, which saves not only energy but water and detergent too. This option also allows you to programme each drawer with a different setting so that two loads can be washed at the same time but using a cycle that best suits the items in them.

The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer has revolutionised dishwashers so that they look better, perform better, and fit into your life better. So why not discover it for yourself?

The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer revolutionised the humble dishwasher, making it energy, space, water and detergent efficient and packing the latest technology into a handy drawer design.

Image credit: Fisher&Paykel Ltd

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