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Google Calendar Application If you are syncing with either iCal or Outlook on your PC, using the iPhone calendar that is built into the phone can be great. When you use your iOS device, you may want to work with it the same as if you were using the online Google Calendar. When talking about calendar applications Calendars become important at this juncture. If you want to get a native application to the Google Calendar, the Calendar app is the way to go. It will work with the Google Calendar without interfering with the application itself. You will have the regular features like editing, deleting, searching and scheduling and you will be able to view your sync’d calendars. Moving around the features of appointment making has never been much easier.  This application can work while online or offline as opposed to the website version which will only work while online. Even though you won’t have an internet connection, you will still be able to view the calendar in a normal setting.

Invitations, SMS Notifications and More

SMS texting to your phone of upcoming appointments is just one of the neat features on the application.  You can also invite people to your scheduled appointments, which the Calendar/Mobileme application can’t do.  It is a little confusing as to why the iPhone won’t allow this feature but the iCal does. The Month, Week, List and Day views all stay the same as th original. You can drag appointments and switch days for the appointments on the Month view, which is the same as using your computer. It’s a pretty neat feature.

If I was a Google Calendar Application user, this is definitely what I would use even though I’m not. It does everything a Calendar should do and is elegantly made and very fast for its users.  Unfortunately,  If you have more than one calendar application and Google Calendar is not your only one, then you will have to open all your other apps in order to see an appointment. This is the only downfall to the application. Everything else is A+ work.  This application is THE GOOGLE CALENDAR

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