Making International Calls Cheap with Acrobits Softphone


Making International Calls Cheap with Acrobits SoftphoneI travel often internationally and I need to have some applications that will allow me to save a bit of money on phone calls not only to the United States but to other countries. Like most people, I do use Skype, but I also use a VoIP Vanage line that is reimbursed through my company. I can make calls through my computer with the SofPhone app and it has its own number. This phone uses SIP Protocol which is a great feature. An SIP Protocol makes it possible to be used with any SIP client (which all the iPhones have). The first app I used was WeePhone. The app works, but lacks a lot of great features that are offered through other applications.

My New Favorite VoIP SIP Client is the Acrobits Softphone

The Acrobits Softphone app automatically comes with more than the WeePhone. One of their newer features include a way for the app to run on the background phone calls on the iOS 4 models. It can be paralleled to the iPhoneApp. Softphone is very pleasing to the eye, which is great because I’m a sucker for nicely done user interfaces.  It has a very smooth look and also allows you to customize the colors.  It is easy to set up your account because the app has a great reset based on the VoIP’s service. After you enter your username and password and the service you use, the Softphone application does the rest for you. It also has a Quickdial or Favorites feature that has become one of my favorite things on the app. It allows you to tap on a contacts photo on order to dial out to them. If you need to configure the app with other SIP accounts, this is also possible to do with this app.   One thing that Softphone incorporates is the Bluetooth, which Skype doesn’t support. The quality of sound seems to be much better as well. I have a Jawbone ICON  and it works with this just like it works with the iPhone app.  Hands free calls are made super easy for me.

The app is not exclusively for the iPhone and it works with WiFi and 3G as well. iPads and iPhones can work with the app as well. It is easy to use all kinds of devices as a phone!  whatever device is in my hand I’ll make calls with, even if my iPhone is somewhere close by. Make sure your using VoIP service  and an SIP Protocol before you buy this app. If you don’t already have a provider the allow will allow you to choose one from their list and help get you setup.  Compared to cellular international calling, this app will allow you to save a lot of money.

How does receiving calls work? The iOS 4 won’t allow the program to sit and not run even if you have it multi-tasking in the background. It will notify you when you have a call through a Push notification. It will or will not work for you depending on your Push settings and VoIP carrier. I know all about how this works because my Vonage line is always forwarded to my Google Voice Mail when I have receiving calls.

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