Netflix: Technology Fueled By Wireless Internet


These days wireless internet is less of a luxury and more of a necessity when it comes to experiencing the latest technology. Many different programs are available only if you have a high speed internet connection available at your home. One of the fastest growing products today, Netflix, requires a high speed internet access to work. Satellite internet is used to connect the Netflix move products to your Television or internet capable device.

Netflix sales have grown tremendously in the past year which is impressive because it is such a new technology. CEO, Reed Hastings, stated that viewers watch more than 1 billion hours of live streaming via the service. Netflix has recently raised their cost which has caused some commotion and complaints from their customers but they claim improvements to the product are what have brought on this slight increase. The fact that Netflix is now available on so many high speed internet devices such as the computer, Wii, or Xbox makes it more valuable that it previously was. Ease of use is a big deal when it comes to a product such as this and satellite internet has definitely played its part in making this technology more available to the masses.

Netflix is accessible on the iPads, android phones, tablets, and laptops thanks to wireless internet service providers. This is another huge component of the convenience of the application that is encouraged by wireless internet. Customers can access Netflix on their iPad or phone from about any location as long as they have an internet service provider. They can also access their Netflix account on these devices without an internet service provider if they can pick up one of the millions of WiFi locations around the world. WiFi is wireless internet provided by a specific company or location for all customers and it has become a very powerful marketing tool to get customers into a particular store, restaurant, hotel, etc. Wireless internet has become such a huge part of our world because we are all so depending on our computers, tablets, and the internet to get work done or connect socially. Internet access has become expected by customers at almost all hotels or restaurants and company’s that do not provide this service are considered outdated. Netflix is just the latest technological development fueled by the internet, there will be more as wireless internet continues to grow and expand.

Eric Kuhn is an expert in the field of modern high speed Internet connectivity

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