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Tablet computers immediately make you think of Apple but this may not be the case forever. Apple changed the way in which we appreciate and utilise technology by making it personal and there is no doubt that we all owe the Late Steve Jobs a huge amount for the innovations he brought us through the company.

The shine of Apple may not, however, be the only light on the market soon. This article will not consider individual tablets, it will instead look at the coming potential of two major players: Google and Microsoft.

Microsoft has released Windows 8 beta for public review and it is clear what their intentions are. They are revolutionising the way that desktop computers operate and it is a clear bid to become mobile.

They are in fact creating a cross-platform OS which blurs the boundaries between desktop work computer and luxury personal phone in a way that has never before been seen.

The Metro User Interface is one that is clearly designed for touch screens, although it is perfectly compatible with a mouse and keyboard too. What it will offer is a platform of complete integration with the Internet and with other devices. By logging into SkyDrive a user will literally be able to access their entire computer and its Apps and features without ever needing to carry a USB drive or even plan ahead for access.

The potential of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 software is limitless and it could very easily transform the ways in which we utilise computers once again. It represents a shift away from internal processing and towards complete cloud computing systems. Microsoft has demonstrated a desire to become mobile with their free Windows 8 download but we must wait some more to see their tablet offering that could take down Apple.

Google have created the Android phone and managed to sneak their way onto every single operating system in the world.

The reach of Google is phenomenal and it is likely that this will remain the case for many years to come. They have focused on the market of mobile phones but the Nexus is set for release in or around July this year. The Nexus is an exciting prospect for tablet lovers and it is one that could potentially knock the iPad off of its pedestal.

The true interest in Google, however, comes in their attempts to entirely change the ways in which we use technology. A watch of the Google Glass video on Youtube will demonstrate the extent of this but Google Tap is something far more realistic and revolutionary in the short term.

Google Tap uses a system of Morse Code to turn the 26 letters on your keyboard into two buttons capable of doing everything. The system, they say, is so easy to use that it can be done without looking at the keypad at any time and can even be used to type two separate things at once.

Where the Nexus will take us, and where the innovations of Google will lead technology is anyone’s guess but this is sure to be a heavyweight contender for the iPad.

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