An HDTV to Be Proud of: The Hitachi 42-inch Ultravision HDTV


Hitachi 42-inch Ultravision HDTV

A while back, HDTV’s had just been introduced to the market and were extremely popular due to their unique look and great clarity. Unfortunately, that was such a long time ago, people don’t seem to being paying much attention them anymore, including me.  So when this new Hitachi Ultravision came out, I was surprised how much I took to it.

The Add-Ons:

  • Nice LED display that in 42 inches in length
  • Has 120Hz
  • Have 4 different HD inputs
  • Has a tilting foot
  • Retails at about $1200

The Upside:

  • Shows wonderfully brilliant colors
  • Has wonderful clarity

The Downside:

  • The grade of image is actually quite poor

A Detailed Look:

On a regular day of working and selling electronics, I met all kind of people, but most of the peoples I met searching for HDTV either wanted it because of the picture or didn’t actually give a hoot about the image quality and wanted it for other purposes. You are paying a lot out of pocket for the TV, so you should be well aware of what it delivers. The great thing about HDTV’s is its ability to compare and contrast the picture quality from different channels, so you can watch what you believe looks better.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like every time I get one of these things, the configuration s all off on the color when I first get them. I think it’s promoting way too much color that it completely overdoes it. If you want everything to be set to a default mode, your out of luck there too because that quality is just as bad if not worse than what it comes like. This picture I the roughest picture I have ever had to mess with. If you go to a professional mode on the TV, you can fine tune it from there, but don’t expect too much out of it.

I went and had it professionally calibrated because I wanted to look upon the beautiful face of this screen and be proud of it. Once all the hoopla was done, I was amazed and dumbstruck at what a wonderful machine this is. So really, after the picture has been setup the way it should be you’ll probably never leave the couch ever again.

It has to be a little sleeker because if its LED functions. So consider this Hitachi to be the perfect accompaniment to your wall. It’s also sleep and high-classy looking with its black widow look. It’s actual very practical and contemporary looking. Since Hitachi is the master HDTV maker, we should have known not to expect less than almost perfect.  Plus the other half of this TV, (the Ultravision) has to be the makings of what is one of the best HDTV’s I have ever seen.

A few things could use fixing. I wish that Hitachi would have allowed the power chord to be moved but they have it attached permanently to the TV. If you don’t want to deal with excess chord in the back of your TV, flowing out the sides, you may not want to buy this because of that one silly mistake on Hitachi’s part. There was a USB problem but it was actually quickly updated in fixed in no time so there’s no problem there anymore. I hope I didn’t forget anything, but there’s always that slim chance that I did. Don’t count on anyone else from the company looking at the products before they ship it out to you. I t seems like with everything nowadays, you have to be your own electrician.

Besides the minor imperfections, this TV is a keeper. So you have to recognize that it won’t come with all this extra play stuff, but will only offer you probably the best picture you will ever see. I thought TV’s were made for picture and nothing else. If I want anything else combined with my computer, I’ll just go buy that separately.

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