NFL 2011: Experience Football like a Pro


Are you a football aficionado? Football is a popular sport in the United States. Playing football anywhere you go is obtainable with NFL 2011. The creators of Gameloft have never failed players with some of the best gaming applications.  Apple store have paved its way to the introduction of the 2010-2011 season of Football game from Peyton Manning to Tony Romo. The application is compatible for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with an iOS 3.0 or later. Download price is quite expensive for $4.99 but purchase is suitable with better game features.
The official list of NFL players is 2,000 with 32 famous football teams to select from. Playing football in a device is impressive with retina display graphics for iPhone and iPod touch 4. Capture the best moments and get entertained with athletic animation moves from running to touchdown. You can play NFL with three game modes that include season, exhibition, and playoffs. Beginners should try the Exhibition game mode first to practice football skills. A tutorial is offered to master the controls and rules of the game.
The game involves three football positions that include defense, linemen, and offense. Playing against your opponent is easily managed with 200 plays. Implement football gaming techniques by creating personalized passing methods using Playbook Editor. You don’t need to worry about making the right decisions because an assistant is available to support the team based from the remaining time left. The integration of the NFL RSS feed allows users to be updated about certain news and issues about your favorite NFL team.

The originality of the game is a big question to most users especially that its competitor, Madden 11, is out in the market. The football mechanics of the game are basic. Users complain about unresponsive controls and complication in passing function. The game has improved but the application lacks interesting features for an extreme, entertaining gaming experience.

Things You Should Know

  • Accelerate the ball the player is holding by tilting the device.
  • To estimate the power of the ball to be thrown, hold your finger on the screen until your preferred estimation of ball throw is   reached.
  • Attack a defender by tapping a button.
  • If an offensive player is involved, an attack gauge will be displayed to inform the player if the block was a success or not. Hold your finger on the screen until the gauge is filled to complete the attack process.

The 1.0.1 version of NFL 2011 is more enhanced with solved crashes and game play problems from the previous version. Rule the Gridiron with one of the most craved application in Apple store, NFL 2011.

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