Top 5 iPhone Apps for Health


iPhone Apps for HealthYou take care of your iPhone so why shouldn’t it take care of you? Here are 5 iPhones apps that will help keep you healthy (wealthy and wise). In alphabetical order:

1.Dental Expert (free) – With information provided by top dental experts, you’ll learn everything you need to keep your smile in shape. Learn about the causes and treatments of gum disease, and what to do in dental emergencies (at home or away). The extensive database also explores subjects ranging from oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics (braces, retainers), sensitive teeth, and the relationship of tobacco usage to gum disease.

2.iPharmacy ($0.99) – Something of a digital pharmacy, this app contains information on over 20,000 drugs that are commonly prescribed and 12,000 images of pills and packages. Learn about the indication and usage of your chosen medication as well as recommended dosage, warnings, drug interactions, and adverse reactions. The comprehensive drug information comes from the FDA. iPharmacy won the “Best Mobile App Competition” and has been featured in the “Chicago Tribune”.

3.Lose It! (free) – This app is used by millions and has been profiled on the “Today” show and featured in the New York Times. The streamlined interface allows users to easily track protein, fats, calories and more in a huge database of foods. Favorite exercises can be stored along with recipes and daily calorie goals. 85% of active users claim to have lost weight with this app. You don’t need a network connection for Lose It! to work.

4.RunKeeper (free) – This app uses the iPhone’s GPS technology to track your physical fitness routines. Using RunKeeper’s simple interface you can gauge calories burned, and the length and duration of your run/walk with the exact route displayed on a map for easy reference. You can also manually enter activities like treadmill runs or bike rides performed without the iPhone. For extra incentive, enter a target pace for your workout and a ‘virtual coach’ will advise whether you’re maintaining that pace via headphones.

5.WebMD Mobile (free) –
Get health information 24/7 with this app from the respected name in online medical reference. Features include Symptom Checker, which allows you to understand potential health conditions regarding specific parts of the body. Among its many features you’ll find a database loaded with extensive information on drugs, treatments and first aid essentials. Local Health Listings uses your current location to locate the nearest physician or hospital. First aid information is available without a wireless connection.

Becky Mackay is an online writer, with a keen interest in health and fitness. To find out more visit her Twitter page FreshHealth11

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  1. You forgot iTriage! iTriage has a wealth of information and the best part is the app literally walks you through a treatment process. After I list my symptoms and figure out what it could be, the app determines which sort of treatment you should seek. I now find myself going to urgent cares when my son gets something like a sprained ankle.

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