Sonic the Hedgehog – Arcade and Action Game


Sonic the Hedgehog – Arcade and Action GameThe hedgehog is best when he is alone. The first version of sonic game was without knuckles and tails and without any friends. It was ideal game that ran fast and became popular among its users and it is difficult to create typical game like the original game. Sega is the developer of this app and it was working vigorously to copy the success of earlier games for many years. After giving up the effort, Sega decided to produce the new version with the old style adding new rolling up features in it. Sonic the hedgehog First Episode is the new version and as the name indicates it will be first episode in a series of action game which has starred the hedgehog. If you are playing the game, then your task lies in helping the Sonic in defeating the evil character Dr. Egg man without getting any help from any friends and also you should protect the animals which has been enslaved by him as robots.

Sonic is always running and rolling with energy. If you have knowledge about the earlier version of this game, then you can find this game to be at easy level. By pressing the jump button or direction button displayed on the touch screen you can control the actions of Sonic. The first episode has four different background zones on it. Each theme has three different acts to perform. First level of this game is the hill zone and this theme is fixed, and you cannot alter it. The other themes can be manipulated in different orders of your choice.

The entire basic feature which made the original game a huge success is included in this game also. Furious and fast actions are seen, associated with high rates. Likewise, it includes various levels which provide different paths for you to select the one of your choice. The graphics in the background also resembles the earlier version and it is not fulfilling the expectation of iPhone users. It is difficult to find out the difference, since Sonic is running at great speed. It comes with the same sound track throughout the game still you have the option of changing different sounds from the iPod library. But you will be losing the sound effects in the game by using different music score.

Sonic the Hedge hog 4 – First episode is rocking its users and is a follow up of the original game. It pays tribute to the legendary franchise by keeping the title in his name. Fans will be satisfied if the game continues and offers subsequent episodes for which they are waiting for. The game is not supported from any social net working sites, game center integration has promised for further update of the game.

The game of Sonic the hedgehog First Episode is available in iPod, iPhone and iPad which have iOS 3.0 versions in it.

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