Newbie Bloggers – Don't Make These Stupid Mistakes


If you’re not going to be active than why do you own a niche blog?  Are you thinking that you can magically publish a blog and become richer than Donald Trump overnight?  It’s so crazy how this mindset from newbie bloggers has been going on for years and years.  I check the forums sometimes for pure entertainment and see some of the sleaziest stuff in the world that people come up with.  They try to sell crap for $19.99 and the sad thing is people fall for it.  Do you know what I am talking about?

Panda – Killed Bad Content
Obviously we have learned from the Panda update that you can’t just write spun content and put it on multiple websites rotating anchored text.  Along with building link wheels and putting a gazillion profile backlinks to your social properties to make an impact on Google.  That doesn’t work anymore although years ago it might have.  Times have changed and Google constantly finds out about them one way or another.

In fact, Google with their multiple updates has lowered sites rankings and even deindexed sites with spun content or what is deemed as poor quality sites.  Sure, this was great news for all of us that do things ethically, but the blackhatters would argue this point.

Penguin – Killed Spammers
Now we are seeing Penguin which targeted private blog networks which sites like used a network of thousands of sites to submit low value content to, in exchange to fool the search engines and boost rankings.  That and the excessive use of the same anchored text you are trying to rank for has been heavily factored into this algorithmic update.  Doing stuff ethically pays in the long run as you will never have to worry about these updates.  Build your links naturally and Google will love you for it.

Work on building a brand and using social media.  Google has hinted at this for years and years.  In fact, I would actually argue the fact that Google is putting less emphasis on SEO and looking for stuff that looks natural.  Remember the turtle ends up beating the rabbit at the end of the race.  However, it might be tempting to do; I would highly advise against it.

So back to the newbie bloggers and all this junk you see floating around the internet.  If you are new to blogging and want to do it as a hobby or income stream you need to learn ethical ways to go about getting exposure to your niche blog.  True, you can count on people figuring out certain loopholes in Google’s system, and it might work for awhile.  In the end, your just going to get penalized so it pays to follow people that are leaders in this expertise.

This article was written by Garen Arnold who run  This site will show you how to start a blog in four easy steps.  He has been around the Internet marketing business for 4 years, and has helped hundreds of people get started off on the right foot.

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