Pentax W90 Optio: Camera Which Captures Macro Images


Pentax W90 Optio Camera

The Pentax has designed this W90 as handy, waterproof camera suited for hiking. It comes with strap for fastening the camera with the backpack. You need not bother about dust and rain if you are carrying this W90 with you when you set out on an expedition.

Its waterproof resistance makes it comfortable for shooting in coral reefs or any other water surface. Due to its excellent waterproofing system, the camera is well protected in heavy rains or any under water current. It comes along with an outer covering made of poly-carbonate plastic for additional safety.

Size of the Sensor

The sensor in W90 is much smaller in size as in all digital cameras. Because of its size of the sensor the image quality is influenced to great extent. If you are shooting in dim lighting, for obtaining good quality image, you must set the ISO as 6400. For this ISO setting, smaller sensor produces much noise in the picture captured. W90 is equipped with built-in flash for comfortable shooting in darkness.

Macro Capability

The W90 is fixed with digital microscope suitable for taking tiny and macro pictures from the distance of just 1cm. For capturing photos very closely you have to make use of enough lighting since the built-in flash is located very far from the lens. The LED around the lens serves as the flash in this digital camera.


You can take motion pictures or video using this Pentax W90 Optio with the existing format. Apart from this feature, this underwater camera can be properly utilized for exploring more talents in photography.

Shake Reduction

The size of W90 being so small, no space is available to accommodate sensor shift system in it. Instead it is equipped with shake reduction track for preventing the possibility of shaking during the process of images. If there is no light or dim light situation, then W90 will automatically increase the ISO setting to activate the shutter speed thus providing only minimal shakes.

Zoom Lens

The W90 is fixed with 5X zoom lens which is capable of covering pictures of natural scenery in any atmosphere. It is also possible to capture photos of group or framed snap shots from some distance.

Auto Focus

The Pentax W90 comes with an auto focus mechanism for helping in dim lighting. This cam is capable of detecting 32 faces in its filed of image and accordingly sets the exposure and focus in less than half a minute. Its Face Detection AE & AF function makes it possible. Apart form recognizing human faces, it is capable of detecting animals also. Before taking a shot, you can register the face of the animal and select the specified one for optimizing focus and exposure. As soon the animal turns it face and looks straight into the camera lens, the W90 automatically releases the shutter for taking good shots of pets and animals.

Availability and Price

The Pentax W90 had hit the market in April 2010 for 329.95 dollars.

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