Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire


Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

One of the greatest features of the HTC Desire is the extent to which you can customize it. The Android operating system is designed for optimum efficiency when multitasking. You don’t have to worry about how to close an app you aren’t using: Android will take care of that in the background. You can improve battery life by turning off GPS and Wi-Fi when you aren’t using them. You can even choose from three different keyboard settings.

The HTC Desire allows you to easily create your own ring tones and alarms from mp3 files as easily as hooking an usb cord to your pc or laptop. And the Search key allows you to quickly search either your phone or the Internet.

The HTC Desire uses both widgets and programs. One popular widget is the weather widget. You can also create folders to group similar programs and widgets and reduce clutter on your desktop.

Top Apps

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

ShopSavvy allows users to compare prices between local retailers and online stores. Take bargain hunting to the next level!

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

The OperaMini browser allows a smoother browsing experience on your smartphone.

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

Appmanager is designed to help you synchronize data between your phone and your PC, allowing for quick and easy backup.

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

Layar is an app that uses GPS to locate nearby restaurants, bars, and entertainment. It can also locate nearby friends. Movies is another GPS-based app that locates nearby movie information. Google Maps Mobile also allows you to locate friends from your contact list.

Shazam helps the user locate free music downloads online.

TV2Go allows users to watch favorite TV programs, and PocketDivx allows the user to play videos in different formats.

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

Seesmic and Meebo are two social networking apps for Android users, while Locale is a reminder service. Facebook Mobile allows mobile phone users to share text, video and audio.

Getting the Most from Your HTC Desire

The HTC Task Manager allows the user to track and control the applications that are running on the phone.

PhotoSnap allows the user to edit photos.

The MiniDictionary app allows the user to look up definitions and meanings of words. And File Explorer 3.0 Alpha allows the user to organize data for quick and easy searching.

Pocket Uno is one of many interactive game apps for the HTC Desire. If you prefer more action in your gaming, try Robo Defense or Asphalt 5.

Whether you need to improve productivity and organization, want to communicate more easily with your social network, play games, or be entertained, the HTC Desire is a smartphone with something for everyone.


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