Personal Assistant for You: Siri App in Your Mobile


Personal Assistant for You-Siri App in Your MobileSiri assistant can serve as a good P.A for many of you. Siri is an app which comes for free and can be downloaded on your iPhone. It filters information about anything you ask for. It collects it from many places and displays it into your screen.

Just by tapping the screen you can access very many features of Siri Assistant. There are two buttons namely ‘tap it’ button and ‘say it’ options located in the lower portion of the screen which offers plans of different commands.

Many company works with this app to find out the latest happenings and interesting events around the world. The app collects data from various sources and gives the solution. For instance, if you type ‘Find out the location ideal for romantic dinner’ then this app would trace number of restaurants that have feedbacks with the word romantic and then sort out the list in your screen one by one.

As soon as you install this app, you will be fed with list of multiple categories in which you can find assistance with regard to anything from taxis for hire to weather forecasts. You can use the app even in more ways. Using the ‘tap it’ icon you can type the commands or inputs and by clicking the ‘say it’ button you have to speak about your demands.

Basically, Siri Assistant does everything you ask. It checks the status of flight, and find out movie timings. Location wise many events like sports, concerts and theater are sorted out here. It even helps in answering the most wizard questions. For example, if you ask for the area of apple picking in a particular state it sorts out a list. Likewise, if you ask stupid question like the how the babies are born, for that also it finds out an answer. Essentially, it is not an element of search engine. It can even search for you in Google if you need it. In case if it cannot provide answers for any question, it gives directions of URL’s where to find the answer.

Apart from providing information, it can do more tasks also. You can make use of Siri Assistant for sending emails, getting a taxi or make dinner reservations by just working on few more taps. Update of Twitter is also possible through this app. But I will not recommend Siri in the place of Twitter client since feeds are properly not available with this app.

Anyway it is not free from weakness. I could not follow the voice command for listing out movie timings. No worries. You can always call the team who work behind Siri for knowing the answers. It has feedback button which allows you to report bugs or make suggestions. Very soon, this app may go further in doing human jobs also. Siri Assistant is great for your iPhone.

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