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An App About Drugs on your iPad and iPhone – EpocratesNow you can get reliable medical advice from Epocrates just by tapping your screen on iPad. This app is used by millions of users for getting valuable drug related information. It is considered as an important resource for medicines of any kind and its history.

Epocrates is well thought-out quality application which throws light on medicines and its usage in simple easy language. Its database is enriched with hundreds of drugs which are prescribed and countless medicines which are not prescribed. You can gain knowledge about lot of medicines which are used in day to day life.

Before actually accessing information, you need to register some information which is asked by its developer. You should provide a valid email id and reply some questions about the usage of the app. If you are finished with this small process, then you are taken to the home screen which opens up the app into five sections.

A search bar is located at the top of the page. If you input the name of any medicine, the app will gather automatic information about it. It gives the complete details of the drug stating its generic and brand name. On selecting any one option, it provides the complete history of the medicine starting from what for the medicine is prescribed, its dosage, any side effects, safety of the medicine, its primary manufacturer, the price along with the picture of the medicine.

You will find some buttons on the lower portion of the touch screen of your iPhone which you can use for saving the medicine to your list of favorites. Another option allows you to check the interaction of the medicine with 30 other medicines. This feature is specifically useful for persons who uses more than single tablet daily for different problems.

On the Epocrates home screen; you are greeted with another style box which tells about the important features of this application. Lot of interesting and useful features gets activated by clicking the box. Pill ID is another feature which helps to spot out any unknown drug on the information provided by you about its physical characteristics.

The favorite list box is located under the carousel box. Below it you can find 3 subdivisions which contain packed information about medicines. On the ‘Table’ section you will find countless lists of drugs – its guidelines, aids and references. In short it functions as medical dictionary. On the ‘MedMath’ section, you are greeted with 40 or more formula for medicines, which includes Body weight calculator and BMI. These are practical information which can be used by anyone.

Another subdivision named ‘Other’ includes the history of the medicines you have read in this app and ‘help’ option which includes catalog of abbreviated medicines which also gives a link for online and mailing facility to app developers.

The basic aim of this app is to provide professional guidance in health care. Epocrates is not an alternative for Doctor, but can be used as valuable resource.

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