Samsung UE46D8000 LED TV Attains Full HD 3D Tested Certificate


In years gone by the process of picking a television was quite a simple one. You simply decided on the size that you wanted, considered your budget and then picked a suitable brand and model. Obviously things have become much more complicated with advancing technology and a greater number of manufacturers. Now we are left with the decision of whether to go for an LED or an LCD, a smart TV or a standard and now we even have the choice of 2D or 3D. Keeping track of all the different factors can prove difficult and each one goes into further depth. For example; how do you classify what a 3D TV is? Here we take a look at the Samsung UE46D8000 LED TV and how it has attained the full HD 3D tested certificate.

Understanding certification

There are various certification facilities throughout the world that test televisions in the area of performance. In order to attain certification in a certain area, the product must stand up to rigorous benchmark tests. These tests are measured in conjunction with VESA and ISO standards and are much sought after by manufacturers. Indeed, there is a lot of one-upmanship in the television industry right now – especially regarding 3D certification. One of the leading certification facilities in Europe is the Cologne based TUV Rheinland, which has given the Samsung UE46D8000 LED TV ‘Full HD TV Tested’ and ‘3D Tested’ certifications. It is the first TV to be awarded both certificates and seen as a great honour by Samsung.

Taking 3D capabilities further

The Samsung UE46D8000 LED TV is the first to be tested on such a wide range of 3D qualities, with contrast, 2D picture quality and crosstalk all being factored into the testing. Samsung claim that the certificates demonstrate their commitment to providing consumers with the best possible full HD 3D TV experience; which delivers 1080p images to both eyes.

Hope for the consumer

With such an approach the certification of televisions; the technology involved will hopefully become clearer to those of us that are not particularly up to speed in the area. Certainly TUV Rheinland is committed to providing consumers with accurate information regarding the display capabilities of the TVs which they test and are doing their best to clear the murky water. At a time when technology is progressing at such a rapid rate, any assistance is welcome.

Paul Banbury is a father and husband who enjoys exploring new gadgets and techology. He realises that some people can find technology confusing and in this article seeks to assist in understanding the world of the full HD LED TV.

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