How to Help Minimizing Attacks on Wikileaks Without Breaking the Law?


How to Help Minimizing Attacks on Wikileaks Without Breaking the Law?

WikiLeaks is an international media nonprofit that distributes sensitive content to the public while preserving the anonymity of their sources. The site was released in December 2006 and its activity began in July 2007. WikiLeaks describes itself as an international organization founded by Chinese dissidents and journalists, mathematicians and technologists.

However, currently Wikileaks is under attack. For some people, the freedom of speech on the Internet is being threatened. If you are a supporter of Wikileaks, you can help in neutralizing DNS attacks on Wikileaks by implementing these simple and completely legal steps. Just choose one method that suits you.

  • Establish a mirror. Dou you have an extra space (~2 GB) on your website?  Then you can help creating a mirror by downloading a full copy of the Wikileaks website- and making it available under your own domain. That way Wikileaks will be more immune to attacks because their data will be distributed across thousands of independent and random sites all over the network. Setting up a mirror should be easy, go to to find instructions. Don’t forget to register your mirror in order to make it accessible for anyone ( and make sure you share the mirror on popular social networks.
  • Subdomain. Are you the owner of a top level domain name? (like, you can go to your domain control panel and create a new subdomain called “wikileaks” and direct it to (the IP address may change). That way, users can access the Wikileaks server from your own domain, for example Again: don’t forget to share your subdomain in popular social networks!
  • Hyperlinked logo. Do you have a blog or personal webpage? Then add an image linking to a mirror or subdomain. That way, you can allow your blog visitors an easy access to these links. This is an example HTML code you can copy and paste.

<a href=""><img src="" width="40px"></a>

  • Post comments. If you don’t own a site or blog, you can still make comments on blogs. You can type about what the censorship on Wikileaks means to your perception on freedom of speech. Gather a list of Wikileaks mirrors and redirected subdomains; and spread it everywhere, including in blog comments.

These are simple but effective steps in expressing your support to the Wikileaks project on the Internet.

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