The Best Of Apple: 5 Essential Accessories You’re Missing For Your iPad


You probably love your iPad, if your experience matches that of millions of other users. Regardless of your degree of infatuation with the Apple device, you probably have discovered some shortcomings that, if addressed, would make your iPad better. To help you get started improving your iPad, you will find five essential accessories that can help make your iPad complete.

The Best Of Apple: 5 Essential Accessories You're Missing For Your iPad

Bose SoundLink Mini

Your iPad sounds good, but it can sound better. The Sound Link Mini from Bose uses a Bluetooth connection to make your iPad a party machine. You and your guests will wonder how such robust sound can come from such a small speaker.

Apple TV

Apple has redefined the way people watch television with its Apple TV product. This small device lets you watch all your favorite channels on almost any modern television. You can’t watch Apple TV on your iPad, but you can use your iPad as a remote control. Even more importantly, you can use the AirPlay and screen mirroring features of your iPad with the Apple TV device to put presentations, videos, games and other content on almost any TV screen.

A Rugged Case

A sturdy case can protect you from an iPad disaster. Several companies make cases that can withstand substantial impact. You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, however, because companies such as Pristine Sales have cases that give you the best of both worlds.

SD Card Adapter

Your iPad has enough computing power and graphics to make it a perfect platform for editing photographs. If you use a separate camera, you can’t access your photos. That’s why you need an SD card adapter. When you plug one of these adapters into your iPad’s lightening connector, you can easily move images and other files between your iPad and your storage card.

Bluetooth Keyboard

You can install powerful iPad productivity applications such as Microsoft Office, but sometimes the on-screen keyboard slows you down. You can use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard to convert your iPad into a full-fledged workstation that you can set up almost anywhere. If you frequently travel, you can get a compact iPad portfolio case with a built-in keyboard that lets you setup a remote office in a matter of seconds.

Now that you know about some of the essential iPad accessories get started making your iPad complete. While you shop, you will probably find many more iPad accessories that can improve your iPad and your life.

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