Catch The Thieves: The 10 Best Security Apps


The 10 Best Security AppsIn todays modern world cyber crime is becoming all too common, with hundreds of people becoming victims of stolen identities, credit card fraud, account hacking and destructive viruses on a daily basis, keeping our systems and data secure has never been more important.


This state of the art application can track your car through Google Maps, anywhere in the world with a GSM reception. The only requirement for this app to work properly is SMS text messaging and a supported telecom system in your vehicle.

This app is also capable of remotely arming and disarming the alarm, cutting off the engine remotely, triggering an alert and stopping and starting the engine.

EyeD ($5.99)

With eyeD you can rest assured that nobody can steal your important data when in the wrong hands, unless they steel one of your eye balls too! EyeD makes you the password by taking a picture of one eye and asking for another picture to gain access to secured data.

Kryptos ($4.99 per month)

With the recent phone hacking scandal filling front page news for several weeks people have become paranoid about sharing sensitive information over the phone.

Kryptos uses military grade 256 bit encryption to hide your call from the most professional phone hackers.

McAfee WaveSecure ($19.90 per year)

Worried about your contacts, valuable text messages ending up in the wrong hands or loosing them forever if your phone is stolen?

This app lets you lock and completely wipe your sim card if it is removed from your phone or lock it all down so it cannot be used if your phone is stolen. Make regular backups of your phone data via the internet and track your sim card via a map to pinpoint the location of the thief.

Lookout (free)

An Android only application which is very similar to the one mentioned above, this one also includes virus and malware protection as well as backup facilities and the ability to track your phone via map.

Last Pass (free)

One of the most stable, secure and commonly used password security apps on the market, this app provides a master password to access your phones data and to access stored usernames and passwords, it is the last password you will ever have to remember!

Kaspersky Mobile Security (free – upgrade to pro available)

Kaspersky is more well know for its anti-virus software but this app is much more than that. It includes anti-virus plus other features such as the ability to make everything on your phone private, encrypt files and folders, lock your phone if it gets stolen, GPS tracking and even block unwanted calls and SMS.

BioWallet Signature (free)

Another top quality security app for the Android, this one protects your smartphone data by using a biometric signature, to get access to the protected BioWallet you must scribble your signature on the screen. As a plus and for some extra reassurance this app uses military grade encryption to protect the data.

Big Brother Camera Security (free)

Do you have suspicions that someone keeps going through your phone without your permission? This app not only protects all of your data via face recognition but it also takes a picture of anyone else who tried to access your phone. Catch your spouses, wife, husband or friends red handed!

IcamViewer (free)

Watch up to eight ip enabled security cameras from anywhere on your iPhone, iPod or iPad using your local network, if your close by, or over the internet remotely from anywhere in the world!

The only requirements for this to work is that your CCTV is connected to a compatible network DVR or network video server.

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