Review of Gateway One ZX6810-01


Review of Gateway One ZX6810-01

Pros: Gateway One ZX 6810 01 possesses blisteringly powerful components, the graphics speed is amazing for an all in 1 PC and it has solid drives for operating system and applications and it has a 1 Terabyte drive for media.

Cons: This system does not have a blu ray drive and plain design has many competitors from rival brands. The remote needs an external receiver.

This is a touch screen system which has provides a good performance however it does not have as good design as the Apple iMac nor the Lenova Idea Centre, however it is still one of the most powerful all in 1 desktops.

Those who are reading through this review would want to find out more about the main specifications of this system and here they are. The processor is an Intel Core 2Quad8200 and it has a speed 2.33 GHz. the memory is 8GB and the hard drive capacity is 1 Terabyte and also in addition to this there is a 64 GB solid state drive. It has DVD and RW optical drives. The LCD monitor is an integrated one which is 23 inch and it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. There is a graphics of ATI Radeon High Definition 4670 which has a memory of 1 GB and lastly the OS is Windows 7.

It is a great news to see the Gateway 1 ZX 6810 01 after all those low powered all in 1 PC which are very cheap.  Though this has lowered the expectation of many people from the all in 1 PCs, with this new one this thought will be reversed.

This system has a DVD drive, 1 audio jack, 1 switch that enables the keyboard light to be turned on and off and 1 flash car reader on the right side. There are some extras such as TV tuner, remote control, multi touch capable screen, wireless mouse, keyboard and many more.

About the interiors this PC has gone through various tests and it has proved to be much better in gaming and many other tasks than many other systems.  The exterior of the PC is quite plain. it is black and plastic and it has some silver parts and the stands are clear plastic and it is a thin PC which does not take up much space. What is important to note is that this system is actually a great competitor with Apple i Mac and Lenova Idea Centre A 600. since these systems are sold at the same price which is just under $1400, it is obviously more sensible to go for the Gateway One ZX 6810 01.

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