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Photography is an art but it is not reserved for special people only. Anyone can take eye-catching photos just by following a few basic tips. Most people don’t take the time to get to know their camera and the functions it can perform, but besides that, we often get the basics wrong when taking pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Canon digital camera or a no name brand, you need to get the basics right. We will be looking at the common mistakes photographers make, whether amateurs or professionals. If these are attended to you will soon be taking photos that may even surprise you.

Red-eye reduction
Yes, that is actually the name of the function that will sort out your red-eye problem. Most cameras come with this as a standard function, so be sure to switch it on. This helps a lot when photos are taken with a flash in very dim light. If your subjects look straight at the lens when red-eye reduction is switched off and you use a flash, you will have a bunch of alien look-a-likes in your photo.

Blurry pictures
This is a very common error made very easily. Blurry photos are caused by even the slightest of movements by the photographers hand when taking a photo and can spoil any photo. The best way to avoid blurred photos is by using a tripod to steady your camera on. Some new cameras come with a feature that steadies your camera automatically when you take photos even when you move.

Bad lighting
Bad light comes in the form of too bright light or very dim light. A photographer needs to be aware of the lighting involved with each photo. It is a basic rule that you want your subjects facing the sun slightly when taking photos outdoors. When you are indoors and the lighting is very bad, you should use a flash or move closer to your subjects to ensure that the quality is as good as it can be. Too many photographers disregard the light when they take photos and end up with dull images that miss the mark.

A very common mistake that people make when they take photos is to try and fit too much into one frame. Always choose a subject and make it your focal point. This will give the image balance. When you try to fit in too many things into one frame you will notice that things tend to disappear into the background. Using zoom or moving closer to your subject will help you to portray your focal point with more accuracy.

Angle and composition
This goes hand in hand with focus and can make or break an image. Shooting a subject from the wrong angle can provide you with very deceptive pictures. Skinny people can be made to look fat and vice versa. If this is your intention, then well done, but unfortunately a lot of images are captured at a bad angle. Getting the composition right of your photo is also crucial. Choose carefully what to include in your frame and give special attention to shapes and colors as well. A beautiful shot can easily be spoiled by bad composition of elements.

Waldo van den Berg is a budding photographer with a soft spot for Canon cameras.

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