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Google + Is Getting Stronger


Google + fans worldwide…rejoice! There finally seems to be a notable growth in the young social network. For a time after the initial launch in mid-2011, sign-ups slowed down considerably, and those of us that had signed up were hearing echoes coming back at us from the stream page. Now it seems we may not have to talk to ourselves much longer!

At the end of January 2012, Google + reported over 65 million users (not bad for 6 months). Whilst 65 million isn’t any comparison to Facebook, it’s still very significant. Growth of this kind only happens for one reason, because they’re doing something right. For who? Short answer: businesses.

  • Google + is great for business: For those of you who haven’t yet signed up, consider this: when you have a profile on Google +, and regularly share information within and outside your network, chances are you will feature well in the Google search results (higher than Facebook). This is good news for start-up business as well as those who are struggling with marketing.
  • Other Google services: Google + is linked to each and every Google service. Google search, Google places, Google wallet, Google earth, Google maps, Google street-view…the list goes on. If someone is looking for a particular service or product and you can provide it, then chances are they’re going to come across your profile or website. Don’t expect this to happen automatically though, with Google places you will need to register your address, a postcard with a PIN number will then be sent to that address to verify the location, and you’re ready to go!
  • The growth of Google + in recent months has been very steady and will keep going this way, so get in there now before your competitors.

  • July 2011 – circa 10 million users
  • August 2011 – circa 20.5 million users
  • September 2011 – circa 25 million users
  • October 2011 – over 40 Million users
  • November 2011 – circa 44 million users
  • December 2011 – circa 50 million Users
  • January 2012 – over 65 million users
  • Even for seasoned pro’s like Google, this growth is happening at a pretty impressive rate.

    Google + is not without its faults, but I’m guessing they’re working on this, it is Google after all. The circles feature can be sluggish and it can be hard work to connect with new individuals. I would be confident that as the network expands, new and improved features will be introduced to keep the audience sweet.

    When comparing like with like, it is important to remember that Facebook’s only business is Facebook, the same can not be said for Google +. Google are primarily a search engine who have now broadened their horizons. They have a large clientele, are respected in the industry, and through their search engine capabilities, have a many avenues to grow their user base. Putting it another way: Google are in a strong position to influence growth.

    So what started quite sluggishly as a social media identity is now starting to gather some momentum. If you have yet to succumb to the charms Google +, perhaps it’s time you did so.

    Matt Beswick runs an SEO agency in London, among his clients he lists Calle Arco.

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