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For the TV watcher in all of us, Google introduced their own version of TV viewing when they released Google TV. The small device that connects to your TV allowed you to surf your channels based on what you are interested in, watch streaming movies from Netflix and streaming video from YouTube. It even allowed you to download apps from the Android Market to personalize your Google TV experience. Now it offers even more with 3D Blu-ray.

The Player:

The new Google TV Blu-ray player has been completely updated. With a smaller and more attractive design, it will fit any décor. The main upgrade however is the 3D Blu-ray capability that will come standard. This will allow viewers to enjoy the latest 3D releases the way they were meant to be. First generation players will also be given an update to allow 3D Blu-ray playback as well.

With more box office hits being filmed and released in 3D, it was just a matter of time befor more devices offered 3D Blu-ray capabilities. Combined with 3D HDTVs the 3D Blu-ray technology offers the feel of full 3D with the comforts of home. Now Google is offering it as well.

Other Upgrades:

Though the most notable change was the standard 3D Blu-ray capability, Google TV also upgraded their remote. Where it was once designed similar to a PlayStation controller, it has been slimmed down to an actual remote control shape. With one side of the remote featuring the typical controls and the other side featuring a full QWERTY keyboard for all the control you need.

Another new release for Google TV this year is a set top box. In the past when you wanted to take advantage of Google TV’s free features you either had to purchase Sony’s Blu-ray player with Google on it or Sony Internet TV with Google TV added. Now if you have your own Blu-ray player and are looking for a cheaper option, you can get a small box to connect between your TV and Blu-ray player. This box will offer all the features of Google TV without the need to replace your current equipment or purchase 3rd party services.

With their debut of the new changes at this year’s CES, Google TV is vamping up to make streaming movies and videos more appealing. With the wide range of customizable options, those looking to simplify, personalize, and enjoy their TV experience may want to take a look at the 2nd generation of Google TV devices.

Roger Carson is a content contributor and film buff who backs up all of his favorite movies with the use of a Blu-ray and DVD duplication service.

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