Understanding How Tivo-Based DVR Works


To better understand how Tivo based DVR works we need to define Tivo first. Tivo is a company that offers branded subscriptions for interactive television. As a viewer you get to choose which television shows you want to watch and when. To avail of this service you need to buy the digital video receiver and a subscription. Both the receiver and the service work with cable TV, digital cable, rooftop antennae and satellite broadcasts. The receiver has to be hooked up to the television and the cable box or the satellite receiver or antennae, depending on what you use.
Tivo based DVR or digital video recorders can store 30 hours of television programming for your convenient viewing. Tivo is a hard drive that records your television shows as it airs, on the Tivo-based DVR or digital video recorder.

Tivo based DVR offers users several benefits like the built in, updated TV guide, which allows you to search for and select a program for recording. For example, you have a television show that will last an entire season and set it to record all year round. It can also be set to avoid recording re-runs; in other words the Tivo based DVR will record only new episodes of the particular show you have chosen.

Viewer comfort is highlighted with the Tivo based DVR because it is a simple matter to turn on the television, call up the list of recorded programs and watch at leisure. Don’t we just hate when commercials break up a really tense moment of television viewing!

When watching a recorded program you have the added benefit of not having to sit through the commercials.

Thanks to Tivo based DVR, television viewing has been revolutionized for maximum viewing comfort. Here are a few tips on what to consider when buying the Tivo package.

Tivo based DVR is of different types based mainly on the size of the hard drive, which will determine the number of hours of television recording that can be done. 20-40 hours is good for someone who is not an avid TV watcher. If, on the other hand, you are very much into television viewing and like several shows then you are going to need a box that stores a lot more hours. Prices vary according to the type of Tivo hard drive you choose.
Understanding How Tivo-Based DVR Works
You can choose the Tivo based DVR that accepts blank DVD-R disks for recording. This method is similar to the VHS recordings we used to do, which can be stored for viewing at some future date. These DVDs can also be played on a DVD player as you would any other regular DVD. The Tivo DVR has to have the capability to burn DVDs.

Tivo is always introducing package deals and you need to be on the lookout for a deal that is inclusive of the DVR for free. This type of deal typically requires you to sign up for the long term. Signing a 3 year contract will reduce your cost considerably.

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