HOW TO: Monitor Links to your Blog using Google Alerts


Google alerts is a free to use service. Anybody can subscribe about any alerts or news and get notified at the same time. This is a wonderful great service offered by Google; it’s been very helpful for many bloggers in the blogosphere. For example you can be notified about the “iPhone5” or any related news about it, when anything new comes up. Using this great service you can monitor your own custom made alert like “favorite games”, “most popular books”, “popular songs weekly” and much more and you don’t need to visit any website for that matter, everything is dropped to your inbox.

Now for all the bloggers out there, here a trick how you can make the best use of this service. You will always be worried about your permalink of your blog, and how can you monitor that? Now you can monitor your links to your blog using Google Alerts in simple steps. This is a little trick which I learned while building my coupon site where I offer havahart wireless fence coupon code and Oakley Signs promo code. To get email alerts about the links to your blog, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit Google Alerts site, in the search box type link:domain.comreplace with your own domain url of your blog for which you want to monitor links. In Type select Everything; in How often category select appropriately as per how you want it to be – once a week or once a day. In volume section select All results. Now enter your email address where you would like to receive the alerts.
  2. With all these settings selected Google alerts automatically provides your with a preview for the alert today or you can manually click preview results.
  3. All done, click Create alert button. You will receive a success message that you successfully created an alert. You will also receive a confirmation email to your inbox.

So, check your mail, and confirm the link sent by Google alerts. You can also cancel the link requested in case you decide that you don’t need this alert any more. And that’s it, now Google alerts is enabled for your blog. From now on when ever people link to your website and when this link gets indexed by google you will receive an alert and update from Google Alerts.

FYI – Google Alert doesn’t require any login information for the alerts to be created, Although I recommend you get signed in using your gmail account. Also it should be made aware that the alert is received only when Google has indexed the web page that has linked to your site. Since Google search crawl bot is pretty fast, you must receive any updates regarding linking within a day or two.

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