Google is Closing Knol, Wave and Other Products

Reducing cost:

Over the course of time, Google has launched some products and services that have failed to compete properly in the market with other products. Those products included some products which are not as commonly known and as famous as its other products and services such as the Google search engine or the Google Chrome internet browser. The main reason why this shut down occurred is because of the fact that these were not generating any revenue and the costs from these projects were still being incurred hence they had no other option except to close them down.

Google is Closing Knol, Wave and Other Products

Failed products:

There are a number of those products which Google has announced to close down. Some of those products are:

  • KNOL
  • WAVE

We will discuss in brief amount about these products in the following paragraphs.


Available to the public in 2008, Google Knol is a project that aims to make a large variety of articles on different topics. These topics were initially based on the field of medical and science. These articles are meant to give person all the knowledge he needs about those topics. The sources of these articles are normal people who write articles and submit them online on Knol. However this website did not hit it off and did not become as popular as was expected by Google Inc. hence it is decided by Google to close it down by October 2012.


Announced to be launched in May 2009, Google Wave (also known as Apache Wave) is an online communication platform. To put it in more simple terms, it is an online platform where people can come together to communicate. They can do that in terms of email, instant messaging, social networking and all other online networking features. It allows you to interact with one person or also with a group of people. It can also be used for business purposes as well as personal purposes. You can use them to contact abroad as well your friends and family that are away from you. However this failed to impress the people. Google wave did not exceed Google Inc.’s expectations and hence the project failed. That is why Google decided to cut their losses and shut it down. Google has announced that it will close it down by November 2012.


Google labs or sometimes referred to as Google X is a web page that they use to test their new projects and make the prototypes available to the public. They refer to it as the ‘playground’ of testing their products and seeing the general public response. However this did not succeed and turned out to be just increasing costs for Google and not raising much of revenues. Hence in October 2011, Google Inc. decided to wrap this project up.

Hence we can see how the projects above seem to be raising only the costs for Google and failed to increase its revenues. Thus Google decided to shut these and few other projects down.

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