HTC Edge – A Foretaste of the Next Big Thing in Smart-Phones World


When introduced, Android 4.0, the mighty Ice cream Sandwich promised to usher a new era of usability and features never seen before. But even though it is considered powerful beyond comprehension, there were doubts about who would challenge upon the might of this grand OS. Will there be any Smartphone which would be able to run it smoothly and fully as it was intended to be? Which CPU would be capable of running it flawlessly? The single cores? The dual cores? Could it be tackled?

HTC Edge:

HTC EdgeFear not mortals, HTC edge is about to arrive as the answer to all those questions. With a promise of blazing speed and a majestic 4.7 inch screen to boot, the Edge is every smart phone users` dream coming true. Early photos of this beast show a thin bezel on a humungous 4.7 inch, 1280 x 720p resolution HD screen supporting S-LCD 2 technology with optical lamination. This Super LCD 2 is touted to be better at color reproduction than the Samsung flagship Galaxy Nexus while displaying at native HD 720p resolution for sharper pictures and HQ videos. The screen alone is bound to make your friends and family members drool and make you the envy of your mates.

The Looks:

Speaking of envious by looks, this beauty is in the same unibody construction design as other HTC top phones. The unibody is cut from a single piece of metal which gives it durability and style, not to mention a very sleek look. In short, the HTC edge is sure to turn heads when you hold it in your hands.

The OS:

It’s still unconfirmed whether the Edge will come with Gingerbread 2.3 OS or the Ice cream sandwich, but the initial buttons layout show that it will ship out of the box with Gingerbread. As is tradition with flagship phones, it is likely that it will get updated soon with all the deliciousness of the 4.0 sooner than later.  Perhaps HTC may be in the process of optimizing the Sense UI for the new release, which is good news. Sense UI is user friendly although it`s a bit heavy on the resources as compared to almost all current generation phones.

The Speed:

And that’s one key area where the HTC Edge simply trounces its competition. The biggest news so far about this behemoth is the Quad core processor running on its inside. This is a huge leap in processor computing capabilities. There is strong support to the speculation that the HTC Edge will ship with a Quad Core processor clocking at a thundering 1.5 GHZ. The question remains whether it will be from Qualcomm or Nvidia, but in either case, a chip from any of these manufacturers is bound to run any and every task at super speed, run Ice cream Sandwich smoothly, multitask at full throttle and leave the competition in dust.

The Storage:

As is the trend toward larger internal storage and more RAM, the Edge will be shipped with 32 GB of storage to take care of all your media and documents. This is a decent storage. No word on an expansion slot for SD memory as yet, but 32 GB is ample for watching a couple of seasons on long journeys. Accompanying the storage is a hefty 1GB of RAM to run a number of apps simultaneously, and without a hiccup. This large amount of RAM would mean faster response from the OS, coupled with the speedy Quad core, and less fiddling with the task killer to shut down unwanted apps.

Audio & Video:

Beats Audio by Dr. Dre is the Buzz word in the realm of HTC. It`s like a partnership made in heaven and we couldn’t have prayed harder for it. The Beats headphones are specially designed for HTC specific range of phones which have sound optimizations for natural harmony and tones and an amplified bass response. These premium headphones run in Beats mode with the Beats Audio enabled HTC phones and it’s a treat that Edge is on board. The crisper tones and deep rich bass will please music lovers no matter what their listening choice is.

The HTC Edge will come with a sharp shooting 8-megapixel camera with backside-illumination and fully capable of 1080p HD video, thanks to speedy processing and a capable sensor. Hopefully HTC will also be adding NFC support and the usual GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi. Judging from initial specs and the previews of what Ice cream sandwich has in store for us, the HTC Edge is likely to be on the shopping list of many customers next year in Q1/Q2 which is when HTC promises to launch it.

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