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Not Just for Business: How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy


Losing weight by using social media might seem like an unorthodox approach to releasing excess pounds. You might picture a social media junkie spending endless hours on the computer, researching their target market, making connections and sharing value across multiple networks. In truth, you can actually accelerate your weight loss by using social media websites like twitter and Facebook. Yes, if you look in the right spots you can actually lose weight and feel better about yourself, but never forget that shedding fat means cutting your caloric intake gradually and exercising on a daily basis. You cannot get around these fundamentals of weight loss, no matter how much research you do on the internet.

Know where to look and your job as a person looking to shed weight becomes much easier. The web provides you with loads of information and misinformation so carefully acquire weight loss tips and do some cross checking. If you are diligent, you begin to see patterns arise in your research. This is when you can take information to the bank, and of course, begin acting on your new found knowledge.

Join Weight Loss Themed Facebook Groups to Pick Up Information and Gain Inspiration

Joining up and contributing to weight loss themed Facebook Groups helps you to acquire useful information and gain inspiration when you need a little extra kick in the tush. These forums provide you with tips and insights into how to lose fat and you also can blast through any weight loss related obstacles or resistance by checking out inspirational stories of people who shed huge amounts of weight in a short amount of time.

Taking in a healthy amount of useful information and acting on the knowledge quickly helps you accelerate your weight loss. As is always the case you need to share your own story to make a connection with like-minded people. You will always get in the exact proportion to how freely you give. You might be learning the weight loss ropes but by simple sharing of your story you will quickly be able to inspire others and make connection with people who have faced the same obstacles. Tell of your successes and your struggles to make strong connections and build your network of friends.

Building a massive network of friends on Facebook, all directed to a similar end, helps you gain inspiration when you are tempted to give in to any urges to binge. If you have a friend on the other side of the world who is also focused on shedding weight, and you feel a late night snack coming on, you can hop on Skype and chat with this individual to keep you on the diet straight and narrow.

Join Twitter and Run Searches to Find Helpful Weight Loss Information

Join twitter and run weight loss related searches using the search bar to find helpful information regarding shedding weight. You can unearth helpful information while connecting with both mentors and individuals who are also keen on losing weight. Twitter is a fast-paced social network so become used to checking your stream frequently. Follow people who provide relevant information and make sure to retweet super weight loss-themed content to become a popular tweeter, as everybody loves a free giver.

You can make connections in little time, build your weight loss network, receive inspiration and reach your goals by running relevant searches and building relationships with people who also want to shed fat. Get in the same by being active on twitter daily.

Do Not Forget to Be Social

One massive mistake that people make on social sites: joining the party yet being a wallflower. You will pick up less information and receive fewer benefits by using social media and being shy about it. You need to be social to make friends and you need to be in the middle of the social media mix if you hope to gain inspiration and also inspire others. Yes, you need to bring something to the table, it cannot be an all taking type of thing, for when you give freely, and connect with individuals, the receiving part happens quickly.

Use these tips to lose weight with social media today.


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