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For anyone looking for new and fun ideas for craft projects to do this fall, there are tons of great places that you can look around the web. One of my new favorites is Pinterest, and I have found so many great ideas here that it’s hard to keep track of them all. If you haven’t used Pinterest yet or you’re just getting started with it, let me tell you that it is a crafter’s paradise.

I recently found Pinterest through a few friends who are big crafters too. They do larger scale crafts, such as quilts and such, while I am more into smaller ones that you can do with your kids at home. We look for projects that involve things we have around the house, not those that I have to run out to the store and buy. I’ve told several people I know about finding cool things on Pinterest and I had to go through some of the basics of finding great craft ideas on the site. Here are 4 tips that can help you find great ideas for your next craft project on Pinterest too:

Tip #1: Join Up!

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, then you will miss out on some of the best ways to find cool craft ideas. It is really easy to join, you can go to and at the top will be a prompt that will ask if you want to join or login. Click join, and you can easily sign in with Facebook or Twitter, or you can use your email address – since I’m a Facebook addict, that was the logical choice for me.

Once you have signed in, you can then add on a few different interested really quick to help get you started. I suggest adding about 6-10 of the pictures below that interest you so that can get a good section of starting “likes”. From here, it’s easy to find other things that you are interested in and love.

Tip #2: Search It Out

You can either use the categories button to scroll through some of the different areas of the site to narrow it down or you can simply type in your favorite thing and hit search. I usually search out something if I’m looking for a particular thing, such as decoupage ideas or scrapbook ideas. Otherwise, I browse through the feeds or the different categories and find new areas of craft ideas that I like.

When you find things that you like, you can click on the like button and you can even comment on them. Most of the different things that you will find for crafts will even include craft plans that you can easily follow. I love this, as a lot of times you have to search and search to find exactly how to do something if you just see a picture of it here or there.

Tip #3: Pins, Boards, People

If you don’t see something you like or what you might be looking for under the general “people” results, I recommend using the Boards to find something better. To do this, you can click on “Boards” up on the top left where it says “Pins – Boards – People”. This will direct you to the area that shows all of the different boards under that topic, such as crafts. From here, you can easily follow any of the boards that you like – and each board will show a main picture and then several smaller pictures so you get a good idea of what is in that area.

You can always switch back and forth between the different ways to search out your chosen topic, which makes it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. I sometimes have to search out several times before I find something I really love and want to do.

Tip #4: Following Is A Good Thing

Once you find an area that you like, a board that shows cool stuff you want to try, or even just cool photos that you are enjoying, you can then follow that person or board. I recommend that you follow several people that enjoy the same things you do as well as boards that post things that revolve around your favorite hobbies, crafts, and so on.

As you follow people, post things and repin, you will start to see yourself getting followers too. The more people you follow, the more things you’ll find and the more people will follow you back. I love that it’s pretty close to Twitter with the followers thing, but still like Facebook with the posts of pictures and fun things.

Pinterest Fun

Don’t miss out on some of the absolutely wonderful craft ideas that you’ll find on Pinterest. I’m kicking myself for not finding it out earlier as I could have used some of these ideas during the summer. No matter what type of crafts you are in to, you will find new and fun ideas on Pinterest that can easily get you in the crafting mood.

After growing up in a household of people who loved to do crafts and make things together, Mandi Weems loves to pass on this tradition to her four kids. From different art projects to edible crafts, there is always something fun going on at her home in Oklahoma. One of her other favorite sites to check out new crafting ideas is

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