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Where we once looked on technicians and engineers as being the main driving force behind internet entrepreneurship, it seems the balance has now changed more to what use this, still evolving, information technology (IT) is put to. Digital technology began just after the Second World War with the invention of the transistor. Constant improvement by technicians and engineers saw this evolve into a full IT revolution which resulted in the development of the computer, soon followed by access to the World Wide Web (WWW). It is this access to the internet that has opened up a whole new world for creative thinkers, today’s internet entrepreneurs.

When posed with the task to come up with the 10 most creative Internet entrepreneurs it had to be a choice between the more technically minded such as Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft, compared with who has put this basically new technology to its best use? Who is the more creative in its use? This of course must fall into the domain of the young, because it is young people who still have such a long way to go with the IT revolution as it continues to unfold but have already embraced it with such enthusiasm that they have become inspirational to people of all ages. The achievements of the following 10 young internet entrepreneurs are nothing short of amazing and they deserve to be applauded by all:

  • Ashley Qualls is a 14 year old girl but is already claimed to be a multimillionaire. Ashley has created a Myspace layout site, Her website receives 250,000 visits every day of the year. This is far more than some of the world’s most popular teen magazines. She doesn’t charge users to use her site but relies solely on Google Adsense advertisements.
  • Catherine Cook has to be an inspiration to all simply because she has managed to attract five million members to sign up to her site . This unbelievable achievement in showing the power of the internet when used in such a way will undoubtedly give Catherine a great future to look forward to.
  • David Wilkinson started out as a video game enthusiast but has graduated to being an accomplished affiliate. Anybody who has attempted to start their own affiliate marketing site will understand the anguish that is encountered when trying to become established in such a field. David has succeeded already and he is only 14 years of age.
  • Paul Bourqe, who has become an internet entrepreneur at the age of 19 years, is already earning more than $500,000 a month. He has achieved this in affiliate marketing which he began dabbling in only 12 months ago. Since that time he has established more than 544,120 leads.
  • Matt Wegrzyn has already made a go of things buying and selling domains. Anybody who has tried this pathway to earning money on the internet will do well to check out Matt to find out how it’s achieved. He is living proof that it can be done and Matt is still under 21 years of age.
  • Carl Ocab started life as an internet entrepreneur at just 13 years of age. He is 15 years old now and earns thousands of dollars a month online with affiliate sales and private advertising. He did all this while still studying at school.
  • Harrison Gevirtz is another youngster on the rise as a result of the IT revolution. Harrison was 13 years old when he got the creative bug. He became so successful at affiliate marketing he launched his own affiliate network when he turned 16.
  • Josh Buckley could probably be acclaimed as the most successful young internet entrepreneur. He discovered financial success at 15 years of age with his website that was voted the best out of several hundred in the ‘Retire at 21 – Best Idea Award.’ He rewarded his patient parents and siblings with a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Stanley Tang is a 16 year old who has already published his first ebook, called eMillions. His book contains interviews with some of the most successful people online. The depth of maturity Stanley possesses is far beyond that of his actual years.
  • Donny Ouyang is by no means last in this list. It is not ranked from one to ten but simply contains ten of the most creative young brains using the internet to their financial advantage like no other generation before them. Donny could well be rated first as he is earning more than $6,500 a month and he is still only 16 years old. He was regarded as such a sound investment a bank loaned him $25,000 to further his online business.

Where these 10 young internet entrepreneurs finish up in ten, fifteen or twenty years time, no-one knows but one thing is for certain and that is they have all grasped the opportunity to become established online at an early age, which entitles them all to be regarded as being inspirationally creative internet entrepreneurs.

Kristy Ramirez is an aspiring young internet entrepreneur and freelance personal finance writer for Life Insurance Finder Australia. Start planning for a bright future for you and your today. Do you know how much life insurance coverage do you need?

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