Track Internet Data Usage with Network Traffic Detail


Track Internet Data Usage with Network Traffic Detail

Network Traffic Detail is an internet data tracker application for Android. This application is intended for those users who surf the internet utilizing mainly their mobile phones. With Network Traffic Detail, the user can absolutely keep track of their internet usage and can be easily notified whenever they are nearly exceeding their data allowance. Now it is a known fact that Android is dependent in gaining access to websites and web browsing comes at quite a high charge. Yes there are packages offered for unlimited web access but it doesn’t really mean “unlimited” since networks have a fair usage policy which limits the use of internet and prevents users from receiving further data when a certain number is already reached. This is where Network Traffic Detail comes in handy.

After downloading the application from the market, the software can now be installed to the users’ mobile and instructions are provided to guide them in the whole installation process. The application would then be ready to use. It will start tracking the amount of data that the user has accesses while online. The application automatically starts working every time the user’s mobile is turned on or restarted. Network Traffic Detail is packed with very useful and practical features. The application has provided four categories which enable the users to view their internet usage. It can be viewed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and finally the Total amount of data used. Furthermore, each of these categories lists the data amount that the user has sent and received, thus exposing a more thorough analysis of the users’ activity. The application also enables the users to manually reset the counters anytime they choose to, or they can just have the option to reset it at a chosen or scheduled date. Additionally, the users can configure the applications’ settings and allows the user to set a certain limit so that it will send a warning or notification whenever the user is about to go over or actually reaches a definite data quantity while browsing. Another thing, if the users want to keep an inventory or save records of the amount of data usage that they consume on their mobile, then this application makes it possible to transfer information of the users’ data usage to a memory card in a CVS format. It is very handy! The application also monitors all the network activity of the user and accumulates the total data used not only with 3G/EDGE but also with WiFi connection.

This application totally lives up to the expectation. It is able to perform its tasks thoroughly and brilliantly. It is very simple and easy to use and is definitely not a burden to the mobile capacity. This is really a must-have if users are planning to keep track of their Internet allowance. The application can also be downloaded for free. So if the users are worrying about going above the allowable amount of data that their network provider has specified, then this application is really worth the download.

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