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Online Website Builders: Cost Effective Alternative for Paid but Poorly Developed Websites


Almost majority of websites are constructed by using a CMS or a content management system. Such software helps the user in adding and editing content to the website. Joomla and Drupal are some of the popular systems, and interestingly they are open source, i.e. you can download them for free. However some companies try to make their own systems, which quality wise, might not be up to par.

If a company writes a software to solve a particular problem, there is nothing wrong at all. However, we cannot say the same when some extraordinary good software is already present for the same problem. That is the reason behind my opinion that those companies which insist on having their own CMS, should be avoided.

First of all, it is easy to develop a CMS from scratch. It takes time, but technically it’s really easy. Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, there are lots of CMS which are already working in the market. This does not mean that a talented team will not develop something great. It just means that some companies develop them for other reasons.

Majority of the companies who try to develop their own CMS do it to engage their customers. If you buy such CMS, it will be harder to then transfer to a company that might be providing better facilities. If your company is using an already established system, you can easily move from one company to the other whenever you want. This is not the only problem, there are many more.

If you are using an established system, you will get hundred and thousands of readymade add-ons, which provide some additional features. On the other hand, companies own built CMS do not have such qualities.

A well known website management system is easy to use and user friendly. It makes things easy for you. Your site will stay up to date, and system will develop and accept new technologies. In my recommendation, it’s always better to use already established CMS, which makes things easier for you.

If you have no idea about what to choose and what to leave in this case then it’s better to go for DIY web design to create your own website using friendly online website builders where you’ll have to pay nothing and you will be able to edit your site yourself without mastering into design technicalities and without flowing extra cash from your pocket to such web design companies which are using same simple method for creating site and getting a lot from you in return. With a free website builder you’ll be able to get and design what you want with no cost at all.

Guest Post by Shah interested to write about tech, seo and design etc.

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