The Asus G73JW Review


The Asus G73JW Review

The Asus G73jw is apowerhouse that is endowed with a super fast processor and a glossy, bright screen that is easy on the eye. It is great notebook that apeals to gamers but, sadly, its keyboard is nothing to write home at all as it is slipperly with tiny and stiff keys that offers inadequate feedback to the user. The 17.3 incher comes with a powerful 1,73GHz intel core i7 740QM processor that performs a very fast speed of 1730 MHz. It is packed with four cores and a cache size of six MB. Its installed memory is a tidy eight GB which is also its maximum capacity. It uses a memory technology of DDR3 with a top speed of 1333MHz.

The device comes with a pretty forceful storage capacity of two hard drives and a total HD size of 1000GB that returns a speed of 7200rpm. The device also comes with extra storage facilities in the form of memory stick, SD/MMC card, SDHC card and XD picture. The Asus G73jw comes with one USB 3 port and two USB 2 ports. It uses video interface HDMI and VGA and an additional bluetooth for extra vigor. It runs on the effective 64 -bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

The presence of Blue -tray combo drive gives it the edge over the Asus G73jh. Its proven power comes from the nVidia GeForce GTX 460M graphics card. The battery run time is also better as it can run for two and half hours before recharging, but it is still a poor rate compared to other not -too desimilar products. You are also likely to appreciate the twin exhaust fans that are found in its dexterior. THe machine measures a width of 16.5 inches, a depth of 12.8 and a height of 2.2 inches. it weighs 8.8 pounds and can top a weight of 10.7 pounds when stuffed with the full range of components.

The Asus certainly did not read the keyboard script as its keyboard is not upto the task as it ofers small and hard keys that are not user -friendly. it could also do with an express card slot and eSATA ports. Its trackpad is pretty good and allows multi touch signs. The device will also not disappoint you with its high defination video play back.

The Asus G73jw offers great performance with a bias to the gaming portfolio. Its elegant and glossy demeanor is a perfect foil for its solid character. It retailed at an upscale price of 1745 dollar – as of tenth november 2010-, which is not money down the drain. Gamers will most likely have to invest in a keyboard or learn how to play without the keyboard, and fast.

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