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The iPhone 4S has taken the world into storm as it became the fastest selling gadget with more than 4 million handsets sold in just three days! However the large scale success was attributed to Siri- A voice based application which could execute various tasks on voice commands.

Siri, which was actually an application introduced for the App store was later acquired by Apple and reserved for the Apple iPhone 4; thereby making it out of reach of other iPhones and OS. However with Speaktoit, one can easily experience the facilities of a personal voice assistant on their Android and

iOS phones and pretty soon on your Blackberry and Windows phones.


Speaktoit is an application which is very similar to Siri; however it is still in the beta stage which is available for download in the Android market as well as Apple Store. It performs very much every task which Siri can do and in some cases it performs better. Speaktoit has been named among top 10 android applications by the New York Times. It requires Android 2.1 Froyo OS and up and consumes only 1.9MB memory leaving ample memory space for other applications.

Speaktoit Vs Siri

Speaktoit performs better in understanding what the user means to say and executes the tasks instantly unlike Siri, which will usually ask another question to confirm what you have asked. (Regardless of the accent)

Unlike Siri and other voice recognition based applications, where you stare at an icon while dictating, Speaktoit presents a better option with a customizable avatar and also the familiar microphone icon if that is what you are comfortable with.

Speaktoit also provides an option to change the voice and avatar (includes customizing option) of your personal voice assistant whereas with Siri you have either the Male voice (which will expect a UK accent) or the Female voice (which will expect a US accent).

The voice quality of Siri however is comparatively clear and has a better pronunciation.

Speaktoit can get a bit irritating as it tends to give long answers to your questions as compared to Siri which gives short and accurate answers.

Speaktoit is also able to understand a wide range of accents as compared to Siri which is usually lost with non US/British accents.

Like Siri, Speaktoit can perform various tasks like updating your status in Facebook, search places, send messages, set reminders, launch applications, call any number or your contact etc.

The main advantage of Speaktoit is that it is receiving constant updates unlike Siri which is yet to get an update.

Speaktoit currently cannot manage your phone’s settings like turning on and off the Bluetooth, silent mode etc. However it is expected that the phone will be able to perform these functions once the final version is available. Also it is expected to have better reading skills and it will understand your commands better.

Dowload Speaktoit

Speaktoit assistant application is available for FREE in the Android market and for a small cost of $1.99 for iOS from Apple Store.

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