An Expose on the XM Radio Samsung Helix


An Expose on the XM Radio Samsung Helix

XM satellite radio or XM radio is one of the two satellite radio companies in America. In point of fact, XM is considered the leading satellite radio company providing pay for service and analogous to cable TV services.

The XM Radio Samsung Helix is a cool satellite radio that seems to have attracted quite a fan club in spite of retailing at around $400. It can contain 170 XM programs, all commercial free at that. The Samsung Helix XM radio gives us two highly popular audio options by way of a portable, palm sized unit. With a XM satellite radio subscription it sis possible to listen to XM radio wherever you are. All the sports, news, talk radio and 170 music channels are yours for the asking. 1GB holds upto 50 hours of XM programming and you can connect to your computer with a USB 2.0. The 1GB comes equipped with an in-built flash memory to store MP3 and WMA music files.

An excellent piece of technology that lets you listen to live XM radio where ever you go. But that’s not all; you can also combine XM radio with a personal collection of MP3 and WMA music files. A classic case of the best of both worlds!
An Expose on the XM Radio Samsung Helix
The XM radio Samsung Helix features include live XM radio content, one touch recording, 50 hours of storage with 1GB, works with Napster and XM, wireless FM transmitter is built in and it has artist and tune select.

With your purchase of the XM radio Samsung Helix you get a combination radio and MP3 player, earbuds, remote control, home dock, battery, home XM antenna, power adapter (AC), power cable for travel, USB cable, RCA audio cable, software CD-ROM, user manual and carry case.

How good is the XM radio Samsung Helix? You can receive live XM satellite radio content in your car, at home or while on the move. The device has an LCD view screen with JPEC picture viewer, flash memory of 50 hours storage of XM content, JPEG files, MP3 files and WMA files. The ability to create mixed playlists is a great feature to have, it means you get to combine XM radio content and your personal favorites to set up your very own personal collection.

Other features of the XM radio Samsung Helix include the XM/Napster feature which allows the user to bookmark XM content and buy the track from Napster instantly. You can choose to store your XM content either by song or channel.

If you are wondering how the XM radio Samsung Helix can give you live XM satellite radio through such a small device, the answer is simple. The internal antenna is a highly advanced satellite/terrestrial one and making it possible for the device to receive XM signals from wherever the person is.

The XM radio Samsung Helix has a user friendly interface with full color TFT display. Content is easy to save and delete and it is also very easy to find music quickly. There’s a built in memory bugger that will allow you to save an entire song regardless of whether you are in the middle of the song.

With lots of great features the XM radio Samsung Helix is a force to be reckoned with!

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