Top 3 Weight loss and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPad


Between gulping down a soda and stuffing my mouth with a burger, I noticed a stranger looking at me. Of course, soon I realised that the stranger was no distant relative of Jahba the Hutt, but my own reflection. Suddenly, I found myself in combat mode – on a mission against my weight. Helping me accomplish my goal are my loyal comrades – iOS apps that will help me put up a fight, by watching my weight, managing my workout regime and keeping (read: reclaiming) a great physique.


This is single-handedly one of the best apps for anyone hitting the gym. Its self-proclamation is enough to support my claim. iFitness is “raved about by The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News and the countless people who have made iFitness the #1-selling fitness app worldwide!” The app offers a vast library of routines and exercises with pictures, videos and instructions. They can be categorised according to the equipment at hand and the targeted muscle.

A body map locates the muscle you want to focus on, and displays all the relevant exercises. You can also add and customise exercises, routines and workouts. It lets you keep track of all the different workouts you have performed and how much weight you are lifting. All the relevant information can be plotted and logged. A food tracker, weight monitor, BMI calculator, body measurements and personalised user profiles are all on board.

This app is great for seasoned weight lifters as well, and its diverse array of functions could possibly turn anyone into one. Though iFitness is no longer available on the App Store, you can use third-party software to download this app.

Lose it!

Want to lose a few inches to fit into the perfect dress you just found, or an old pair of jeans that no longer fit like “an old pair of jeans”? Well, that’s where Lose it! comes into play. For people who find it difficult to exercise their willpower, or control their food intake, Lose it! Just might become their favourite app. It includes a wide-ranging catalogue of diet options, along with their fat, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrient levels. This can be used to calculate the daily calorie allowance and to set goals for the future. Facebook and Twitter are integrated into the app, and the stats can be viewed on your profile (time to change the privacy settings, people!).

Pedometer PRO GPS+

The limitation of iFitness and iPump is that they require certain equipment for them to really help us out, which translates to time and money spent. Since most of us are hard­working people (right?), our time is extremely precious. So, taking little time to load, a single tap to start and no heavy gym-equipment for positive results, Pedometer PRO is the most user-friendly fitness app. It sets itself up and starts logging your footsteps, using the built-in accelerometer and GPS. The pedometer can accurately calculate number of steps, distance, speed and calories burnt. You can also setup your goals and route, track your progress, check your heart rate and weather conditions along your route, and boast about your results on Twitter and Facebook (who cares about calories burnt, this is what we really want!).

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