It’s 2011 and You Still Aren’t Email Marketing!


It's 2011 and You Still Aren't Email Marketing

You might be an online business owner who has heard of other people using email marketing strategies, but you either haven’t decided to get on board yet, or you have decided against using email marketing strategies. You might think that if you send people emails, that you will be seen as a pesky spammer. While it’s true that spammers are the equivalent of pesky telemarketers, an opt-in email marketing campaign that is executed the right way is far from being seen as pesky. Just the opposite, you’ll be surprised to find that people will welcome what you have to say, or rather what you have to sell via email. Just in case you need convincing, here’s a look at some reasons why you should give serious consideration to email marketing:

  • Up to 94 percent of email users opt in to email messages meant for marketing purposes: You can’t ignore the strength of 94 percent of email users subscribing to various email marketing campaigns. It would only make sense then that with this many people opting in to email marketing campaigns, you should be one of the campaigns that they subscribe to. After all, the numbers are on your side!
  • Up to 57 percent of people buy products after reading an email marketing message: This ties in to the convenience of email, with regards to the modern shopper. Especially with fuel prices as they are, and because of the general economy, people are looking for excuses to save money, and to save fuel. If they can accomplish these tasks thanks to opting in to email marketing, they will be more than likely to take advantage of what ever offers are being sent to them.
  • Many people want to be notified about sales and specials via email: This is another aspect of people being connected to their emails for most of their waking hours. It’s a lot easier for them to simply check their email for sales and for promotions, than to have to sift through hard copy marketing that comes in the mail. People don’t want to have to buy a newspaper for advertising leaflets if they don’t have to either. People certainly don’t want to have to manage papers either. When they get notification via their emails, they can view the sales, the specials, download coupons, and then discard the email all in a manner of minutes.
  • Up to 60 percent of people spend anywhere from 20 min to an hour with opt in emails: Think about the fact that people spend a considerable amount of time, dedicated to reading emails that they have subscribed to. People actually dedicate their full attention to reading these emails. They look forward to these emails. Why not make your email marketing campaign something that people rely upon, and look forward to?
  • People want to click on emails consisting of coupons and promotions: Of course people want to save money! As such, people are on the lookout for coupons and promotions. Again, people don’t want to have to work so hard to find these money saving strategies. They want marketers to find them. This means that you need to let people know about your business, and use email marketing strategies to get on the radar of shoppers on the internet.

The bottom line is that you will have more than a captive audience when you decide to create and implement an email marketing campaign. Don’t worry that the market might be oversaturated with email marketing campaigners. You can probably create an angle, and a fan base that is unique for you, and in this way, you will develop a grassroots and devoted following that will stay with you for a long time.

Brian Waraksa is founder of Raxa Design, a Houston internet marketing firm. Brian has been in advertising, marketing and small company branding since 2002. Feel free to follow Raxa Design on Twitter.

Raxa Design
2100 West Loop S # 900, Houston, TX
(832) 429-7292

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